Nokia registers 23% drop in revenues in India

As part of its rather tumultuous transition period, Nokia has reported a decline in annual revenue from its India business for the second consecutive year. A drop of 23% has been reported resulting in annual revenues of €2,227 million. Nokia accounts this to increasing competition and currency fluctuation

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Fonearena – Battle of the Flagships 2012 #BOTF12

Note: The above chart is regularly updated with each result, check below for the complete chart as it was in the beginning.

2012 has been a great year for the smartphone industry. It has grown leaps and bounds and has been nothing short of a revolution. The major innovations in the mobile industry this year have been larger beautiful high resolution screens, better cameras that can see in the dark, and more larger beautiful, even higher resolution screens and on the software side of things, we have innovation in the form of new entrants like Jolla. But when it comes to company flagships, the bar has always been set high. So, we thought, why not take a look at all the major flagship phones that have been released this year and make them battle it out for the ultimate top spot. And that’s precisely what we are going to do now!

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Watch Apple iPad Mini Launch Event Live Stream on Apple TV

Apple will be holding an event today to launch their upcoming iPad Mini. The event will take place at 10A.M PST (Pacific Standard Time).

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Acer planning to launch an Intel chip-based smartphone in Q4 of 2012

Acer has been manufacturing Android smartphone devices for quite some time now. The Taiwanese computer maker’s latest move in expanding its presence in the mobile market now plans to include the launch of an Intel powered smartphone by the end of the year.

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Dolby Mobile Experience – MWC 2012

We had the opportunity to visit the Dolby booth at the MWC 2012. We have two videos – An interview with Simon Arnold and another video demonstrating the Dolby mobile experience.

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Video : LG Optimus Vu Hands On

Here’s the hands on video for the LG Optimus Vu 5″ smartphone. LG’s attempt to enter the phone-blet segment along with the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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Google Booth at MWC 2012

This post contains video’s and photo from the Google Booth at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012. We also have a exclusive video review of a Google product for you.

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Video : Fujitsu Arrows F07-D Hands On

The Fujitsu F07-D Arrows holds the current title of the thinnest smartphone in the world, measuring in at just 6.6mm in thickness at the thinnest point.

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Quick Look : Panasonic Eluga

Panasonic caused excitement when it announced that it was planning to come back to the global market after a gap of few years. It introduced the Eluga which plans to conquer global markets, starting off with a European launch.

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Video : Fujitsu IS12T Windows Phone Hands On

The Fujitsu IS12T is the first phone in Japan to run Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. It is also the first waterproof and dust proof Windows smartphone.

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