Fujitsu releases the Arrows NX F-04G – World’s first smartphone with iris authentication


Every time a Japan exclusive phone releases, it makes our heart flutter with joy and despair as it is always something really interesting and unique but we know that we will never see it elsewhere in the world. The latest smartphone from Fujitsu is no exception either as the Arrows F-04G is the first smartphone to pack an iris recognition authentication.

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Photo Gallery: Fujitsu Arrows F07-D

Another discovery from the Fujitsu booth: The Arrows F07-D (check out our hands-on video!), the world’s current thinnest smartphone! Coming at you with an insane 6.7mm body, the F07-D in hand almost feels like it is missing some parts.

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Video : Fujitsu Arrows Tab F01-D Hands On

This video showcases the Fujitsu Arrows Tab F01-D . It is a 10.1 inch tablet which is part of the Arrows range of devices from Fujitsu.

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Video : Fujitsu Arrows F07-D Hands On

The Fujitsu F07-D Arrows holds the current title of the thinnest smartphone in the world, measuring in at just 6.6mm in thickness at the thinnest point.

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