Samsung silently fixes S Pen issue in newer Galaxy Note5 units


For those of you who have followed the Note5 closely since its release, you might remember an issue with the Galaxy Note5 that many referred to as pengate. The design flaw allowed users to insert their pens incorrectly and if they pulled it out after doing so, cause damage to the detection sensor.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design flaw detected, could permanently damage your phone

Galaxy Note 5 hands-on-1
The folks over at Android Police have highlighted a key issue that affects the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The issue stems from the fact that the stylus which is perhaps the principal selling point of the phone, is symmetrical all the way through. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design flaw detected, could permanently damage your phone”

Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 4-2_fonearena

The Galaxy Note series from Samsung is well known for being the one that started the big screen movement. People used to be dismissive of the concept in 2011 when the original released, but since then, all the flagships have gradually increased screen sizes, with the latest iPhone sporting a 5.5 inch screen and a Nexus sporting a 6 inch screen. Yes, times have changed, and so has the Note.


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How Samsung Became the Only Company with Two Successful Flagship Smartphones


The IFA event at Berlin, one of the increasingly important consumer electronic trade shows, just started, but tons of devices have already been launched. Amongst them, standing out from the crowd, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, unveiled with much excitement and fervor, as leaks failed to provide proper information before launch. The Note 3 is the third iteration of the very popular Note series of devices Samsung made popular. The range, infamously held responsible for creating the phablet phenomenon, also created a paradigm shift in the company, for its portfolio.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hands On


We were live blogging the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event from Berlin and we did manage to get our hands on the device.It does look slightly different from the previous generation Galaxy Note 2 in terms of the design and features.It has a larger 5.7 inch display and feels pretty nice to hold in hand thanks to the new textured back which is not a fingerprint magnet.The back cover is still removable.It supports LTE globally on every network according to Samsung.It also supports Ultra HD or 4K video capture which is pretty new to phones. It weighs 168grams and is about 8.33 m thick and the iconic stylus or S-pen is still part of the package.

Check out our hands on video below

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Samsung Galaxy Note 510 Review


Samsung has been enabling its tablets with calling functionality ever since the first ever non-Apple tablet released, the company’s own Galaxy Tab. While the original Galaxy Tab didn’t have an ear piece to enable phone-like calling, it did have the support. Tab 2 310, its successor on the other hand had an ear piece to let people use it like a phone. Various other manufacturers then warmed up to this idea and released their own calling tablet much to the critics’ ridicule, but a market was definitely there. On that note, Samsung launched the Note 8.0 at the Mobile World Congress this year, and introduced a WiFi as well as a cellular version with calling.

We had reviewed the WiFi version earlier and now we are going to see how the cellular version is different and what its extra features are. Is the calling version really that useful on a 8 inch tablet? Lets find out.

Note: The Galaxy Note 510 is the cellular version of the Note 8.0, literally everything except the below discussed text is same. Do read the complete review of the Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi version here before proceeding to the review.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review


The Galaxy Note 8.0 launched way back in February, at the Mobile World Congress as the first 8 inch screened device in the Galaxy Note series. The surprising addition was that the cellular edition of the device could make calls and lets you use it like a phone thanks to the on-device ear piece. It was extremely awkward to see people holding a huge device to their face but worry not, we have got the 16 GB WiFi only version for review here and we are going to see whether the Note 8.0 is really worth your money. Lets find out in the full review then.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs Apple iPad mini


While we are reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, we saw it fit that we compare it with the other small tablets in our labs. The Apple iPad mini is the one and only smaller iPad with a cheaper price as well as better portability obviously, so how does it fare when compared to the Galaxy Note 8.0? Lets find out. Here’s the in-depth video comparison and read past the break for the text –


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Samsung Galaxy Note 510 priced at Rs.30900, pre-bookings open

Samsung India has revealed the price of the much awaited Android tablet from the company – the Galaxy Note 510 which was announced as the Galaxy Note 8.0 during Mobile World Congress and announced for India as the Galaxy Note 510 at the Samsung Forum in Hyderabad. The price for the 3G version which supports calling is indicated as Rs.30900 on the company’s online store.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Unboxing


Here is an exclusive unboxing video of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 which is coming soon to India as the Galaxy Note 510. We have the 16GB WiFi only version with us but this tablet should be coming out in a WiFi+3G fashion too in India when it launches.Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8.0  during MWC 2013 and showed off the Note 510 at its regional forum event in Hyderabad.It is a 8.0 inch Android  tablet running on Android 4.1.2 JellyBean and features a stylus known as S-Pen found on Samsung’s Note lineup of products. Check out the video below.


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Samsung Note 3, Galaxy Tab 3 to make an appearance at IFA 2013

Samsung launched its 2013 flagship, the Galaxy S4 at an event in New York a few weeks back but rumors have already started spreading around the launch of its next and arguably more exciting device. The Galaxy Note line of giant sized smartphones have pioneered and set the tone for the phablet category and we expect to see the next generation later this year.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands On

In a bid to hit each and every size possible out there, Samsung today announced the Galaxy Note 8.0 which fills one of the last remaining size based gaps in their line up. Predictably, the device is a blown up Galaxy Note with a 8 inch display.

The device which is positioned as a tablet does have phone capabilities also built in. A stylus slides in to the back of the tablet and provides the same pen based functions and apps as previously seen on the Note 2. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands On”

Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Note 8.0

Having repeatedly seen the images and the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 earlier, it was inevitable that the company was going to release the device soon. It was supposedly set for a MWC 2013 reveal, but looks like they have jumped the gun and revealed the Galaxy Note 8.0 in detailed photos, in the company’s facebook page.

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Samsung confirms Jelly Bean update to Galaxy Note, brings multi-window

Premium suite for the original Galaxy Note was rumored to come with multi-view window, Google Now, video preview with S pen in air, etc. Now Samsung has confirmed this premium suite will be heading to Galaxy Note.

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Samsung GT-N5100 appears on GLBenchmark

Looks like Samsung is launching a new Samsung Galaxy Note. The GT-N5100 just recently got benchmarked and its results turned up on GLBenchmark website. Looking at the model number, N usually is used for the Note.

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