Video : Fujitsu Arrows F07-D Hands On

The Fujitsu F07-D Arrows holds the current title of the thinnest smartphone in the world, measuring in at just 6.6mm in thickness at the thinnest point.

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Promotional videos released for Motorola RAZR

The promotional videos for the Motorola RAZR, the latest phone on the block, have been released. Apart from being the ‘thinnest smartphone ever made’, most of the hype is about inclusion of the Gorilla Glass and its Kevlar coating which means it is practically impervious to screen scratches.

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Toshiba announces thinnest Android tablet AT200 at IFA

Many devices are being launched at the IFA, we just saw a parade of new Samsung devices, now it is the time for Toshiba to reveal their Android Honeycomb running tablet AT200. At 7.7 mm thin, this is the thinnest tablet running Android, thinner than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab by 1 mm.

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