OPPO F3 Plus – Leader in Camera, Design and Battery Technology

OPPO F3 Plus_fonearena-19

We’ve all seen the OPPO F3 Plus by now and might also be aware of the high end features and specifications that OPPO has managed to pack under the hood. However, it is important to realize just how much thought has gone into those specifications and how they can make a huge difference in your smartphone experience. Let’s find out.

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OPPO F3 Plus Hands On and First Impressions

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OPPO has announced the F3 Plus, its latest and greatest in the Selfie Expert lineup. On paper, the F3 Plus seems like a really interesting device especially in terms of the cameras where OPPO has even paid attention to the rear camera despite being a selfie focused smartphone. However, specs are one thing while real life performance is another. We got to spend some time with the device and here are our impressions.

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LG G6 Review

lg_g6_review (3)

The number 5 seems to be quite problematic for the Koreans. Samsung faced some of the worst reviews ever for a flagship product and one of the worst sales performance in their flagship Galaxy S line-up with the S5. The S5 did bring in some improvements but those were minor and in the process almost made some bad decisions including larger bezels etc. All these small things led to very disappointing sales figures and Samsung knew that had to start afresh. Project Zero was born and eventually resulted in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices which were a huge leap from their preceding model. They were a step in the right direction and Samsung has been doing everything perfectly well with their smartphones since except for the Note7 battery exploding issues which did shake things up a bit but still resulted in one of the most profitable years for Samsung with the S7 series. Continue reading “LG G6 Review”

There’s a new “Selfie Expert” coming to town – Here are some teaser samples


Selfies are all the rage now and almost every major manufacturer is trying their best to produce smartphones that cater to an audience that is in love with taking self portraits and sharing them across social media. We’ve had the liberty of using one of the latest selfie oriented smartphones that which is to be announced in India on the 23rd. Here are a few teaser shots from the device that shows its true photography potential.

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Introducing FoneArena in Tamil – Get your daily dose of tech in your regional language

FoneArena Tamil

Hello FoneArena readers! As you all know, we are bringing technology videos in English on YouTube platform for a very long time and with a user base of more than 135K subscribers, we are one of the biggest tech channels in the country. We are extremely pleased with our progress so far.

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Vivo V5 Plus Review


The advent of self-portraits or “selfies” as they are commonly known and the ever-increasing popularity of social media has resulted in the rise of smartphones that are specifically designed to cater to this particular demographic. The primary emphasis as a result becomes the front facing camera which ironically has always been refered to as the secondary camera. Now, it may seem as if terms such as “primary” and “secondary” depend on the smartphone itself and what it tries to achieve. The issue with such smartphones usually lies with the fact that manufacturers often concentrate too much on the “selfie” aspect and ignore the rest. The Vivo V5 Plus is the latest amongst the big lineup of selfie centric smartphones in India. In this review, we shall take a look at the smartphone in detail to see whether it’s just about the front facing camera or whether they’ve managed to focus on all aspects of the smartphone as well.

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Weekly Roundup – Meizu MX6, LG X Screen, Asus ROG GX700, Transcend SSD220S and more


This week saw quite a lot of launches as well as a few announcements. All of the latter happened internationally and the major one was the launch of the Meizu MX6 smartphone.

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FoneArena Labs : Improving our battery life test with new features


It’s just been about 6 months since we introduced our battery life test and the response we have received has been overwhelming. We would like to thank you, our loyal readers for your extensive support. Continue reading “FoneArena Labs : Improving our battery life test with new features”

Instagram Landscape Photo Contest Winner Announcement

Intagram Photo Contest Nexus 5X Mi Bluetooth speaker_fonearena

Our Instagram Photo Contest from 29th March to 4th April has come to an end. The theme of this month was Landscapes and we received several wonderful submissions from all of you. It wasn’t easy but we have chosen one winner and a runner up.

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LeEco Le Max Teardown


The current flagship from LeEco in India is the Le Max. It is a high end smartphone with almost every feature and high end component in the book. We decided to teardown the device to bring to you a good look at the internals and components that make this device what it is.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review


This phone needs no introduction and I’m not going to bore you with a history of the Galaxy S lineup since most of you already know it. Almost everyone knows what Samsung has managed to do and the smartphone has been making the headlines for all the right reasons even before and after its announcement and subsequent release. We spent a lot of time with the flagship device from Samsung to see what they bring to the table this year. At a first glance, the smartphone looks like the biggest leap in the Galaxy S lineup since the Galaxy S II. The question is not about whether this smartphone is a worthy successor to the S6 edge or not but whether this is the best flagship smartphone available in the market right now. Let’s find out.

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Here’s what happened at Intel powered FoneArena Readers meet up in Bangalore


FoneArena teamed up with Intel to bring something special for the fans in Bangalore. That’s right, we organised a fan meetup in Bangalore on the 18th of March and it turned out to be a great success.

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FoneArena Labs: Introducing our all new battery test


We heard you! And, we are giving you what you asked for. One of the most requested features by our readers was the battery life test. The sheer number of appeals that we receive every single day meant that we would come up with the feature that matters most to you, our loyal readers. Continue reading “FoneArena Labs: Introducing our all new battery test”

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: One of the best budget smartphones ever made

Redmi 1s_fonearena-004

Xiaomi entered India with hopes of making a decent foray into the highly competitive smartphone market where right pricing equals massive success. Traditionally, Samsung knew this and Motorola stumbled upon it, Xiaomi should have known better. With the Mi3, the company woefully underestimated online demand and ended up discontinuing its sales soon, only to introduce a much cheaper model into the market, the Redmi 1S. On paper, the device is just too good to be true at the price point it comes at. For a shockingly low price of Rs. 5,999, the Redmi 1S comes with a large 720p screen, a powerful quad core processor, a 8 MP camera, 8 GB of memory and so on. No other phone currently offers these kinds of specifications at this price point, but the natural reaction for something that’s too good to be true is always this – Is there a catch? With the same doubt in our minds, here is the review of the Redmi 1S.

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