Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Earphones Review

Audio enthusiasts on a budget have never had it this good. Today, there are quite literally dozens of options available in all possible form factors and at all price points. Over the ears, on-ears, in-ears and even earbuds are making a comeback. With Chinese hi-fi options become a real threat, we’re seeing newer options from industry leaders. German giant, Beyerdynamic, too has recently announced a range of affordable audio products. The entry-level model in this is the Beat BYRD. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks and here’s what we think. Continue reading “Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Earphones Review”

Stuffcool 720PD 10000mAh Power Bank Impressions

There’s no dearth of power banks on the market. From dirt cheap (and not really recommended) no-name models to Xiaomi’s well regarded and still affordable battery packs. As Stuffcool enters this fairly crowded segment, they’ll have to offer something truly unique. Good thing then that the Stuffcool 10,000 mAh  720PD Power Bank offers a veritable cornucopia of features that makes it a very interesting product. Check out our review to read more about it. Continue reading “Stuffcool 720PD 10000mAh Power Bank Impressions”

Fitbit Charge 3 Review: Fitness Tracking at Its Best

As Fitbit continues its transition towards a health services platform, the Charge 3 is the latest device to join the company’s fairly diverse lineup. A relatively conventional tracker, the Charge 3 distils the company’s learnings over the years into a product that aims to be a health aid first with just a bit of smartness included to appeal to a modern demographic. We tried out the Fitbit Charge 3 over the course of a week to see how well it fares against Fitbit’s own higher-end wearables.  Here’s what we observed. Continue reading “Fitbit Charge 3 Review: Fitness Tracking at Its Best”

LaCie Secure Rugged 2TB Hard Drive Review

Amongst consumer electronics, very few brands have managed to create an iconic brand identity towards a design language. Apple comes to mind with their iPhones and iPods before that. LaCie is another such brand whose orange rubber sheathed hard drives are the de facto choice for content creators around the world. With a promise of exceptional resilience to the elements, they are the perfect choice for photographers, filmmakers and others who live out of their suitcase and need something to keep up with their lifestyle. We’ve got the LaCie Rugged Secure hard drive with us for review, and we’ve been putting it through its paces. Here’s what we think about it. Continue reading “LaCie Secure Rugged 2TB Hard Drive Review”

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Review

As a long term Kindle user, I have perhaps one complaint with the device. They do only one job but do it so well that there’s little reason for users to upgrade. Jokes aside, there’s been little reason for most users to buy new Kindles. Sure, there was the Kindle Oasis with its waterproofing but the unconventional design and high price tag made it hard to justify. Enter the 4th Generation Kindle Paperwhite. Thinner, Lighter, Waterproof. Dare I say that this is the perfect Kindle? Continue reading “Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Review”

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Review: The Best Streaming Stick You Can Buy

There’s no doubt that smart TVs are starting to make inroads in India but the vast majority of televisions remain unconnected, so to speak. With streaming services doubling down on their efforts to capture the Indian audience, there is a need to get this content on the biggest screen in the house. The all-new Fire TV Stick with 4K is Amazon’s latest and potentially most aggressive effort yet to grab a foothold amongst users. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading “Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Review: The Best Streaming Stick You Can Buy”

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Hands On Impressions

Its hardly been a few weeks since the launch of the OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple edition and the company is back with yet another special edition. The McLaren Edition of the phone, however, is more than just a new colourway. With their partnership with McLaren, the focus is entirely on speed and that’s just what OnePlus has worked on.  Continue reading “OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Hands On Impressions”

Nokia 8.1 Review: The All Round Performer

Ending the year on a high note, the Nokia 8.1 focusses on the fundamentals and makes improvements on the essentials. From the HDR capable display to the more than adequate processor, the phone combines great internals with a classic design language. What’s not to like? Let’s dive into our review of the Nokia 8.1 to see what makes it tick.  Continue reading “Nokia 8.1 Review: The All Round Performer”

5 ways Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip improves mobile imaging

Earlier today, Qualcomm held a lengthy two-hour keynote extolling the improvements brought along by the all-new Snapdragon 855 system-on-chip. One of the more interesting and tangible enhancements talked about was on the imaging front. At the heart of the improvements sits the all-new Spectra 380 ISP that is poised to push mobile imaging and videography forward quite significantly. Let’s take a closer look.  Continue reading “5 ways Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chip improves mobile imaging”

Asus ROG Phone Hands On Impressions

Front, centre and well, back too, the Asus ROG phone employs every gaming related schtick and somehow manages to make it look good. This device is one of those rare examples of focussed engineering that delivers on all its promises. Asus claims to have worked with professional eSports teams to design the phone and it shows. Here’s what we think about the Asus ROG Phone.

Continue reading “Asus ROG Phone Hands On Impressions”

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review: The Reliable Option

With each successive generation, Xiaomi has cemented its position as the market leader amongst entry-level and mid-range hardware. The Redmi Note series has, for the longest time, kept the crown of being the best value for money device you can get. The competition, however, hasn’t kept still. With Asus, Honor and others trying to encroach on Xiaomi’s territory, it has never been more important for the company to consistently deliver solid products. Does it manage that with the Redmi Note 6 Pro? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review: The Reliable Option”

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: Keeps Getting Better

There are few products that manage to take a giant step forward with every successive iteration. Sony’s 1000XM line of headphones is one such product that not only excels on their own but has taken the competition head-on.  The XM2 doubled battery but generally played it safe. With the WH-1000XM3 though, Sony has gone back to the drawing board and is making massive changes all around. What does it mean for the lineup? Find out in our review. Continue reading “Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: Keeps Getting Better”

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Review

Alongside the all new 2018 edition Echo Plus, Amazon also announced a new Echo Dot recently. The 3rd generation Echo Dot makes improvements in design and audio while retaining the same basic formula. Let’s take a closer look at it. Continue reading “Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Review”

Amazon Echo Plus (2018) Review

With the launch of the all-new Amazon Echo Plus, the company appears to have taken consumer feedback seriously and has made some very tangible changes to the hardware. From improved acoustics to design and more, there’s a lot going for the Amazon Echo Plus 2018 Edition. But how does it compare to competitors like the Google Home? Let’s find out in our review. Continue reading “Amazon Echo Plus (2018) Review”

Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector Review

Mobile projectors are an interesting category of products that can be useful to business men on the go as well as people who might want to throw up a larger screen at impromptu gatherings to view photos or play casual games. Sony’s been making these for a number of years now, and they recently launched the latest model in the series. Sony sent us over the all new MP-CD1 in for review and here’s what we think about it.  Continue reading “Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector Review”