Fonearena – Battle of the Flagships 2012 #BOTF12

Note: The above chart is regularly updated with each result, check below for the complete chart as it was in the beginning.

2012 has been a great year for the smartphone industry. It has grown leaps and bounds and has been nothing short of a revolution. The major innovations in the mobile industry this year have been larger beautiful high resolution screens, better cameras that can see in the dark, and more larger beautiful, even higher resolution screens and on the software side of things, we have innovation in the form of new entrants like Jolla. But when it comes to company flagships, the bar has always been set high. So, we thought, why not take a look at all the major flagship phones that have been released this year and make them battle it out for the ultimate top spot. And that’s precisely what we are going to do now!

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Smartphone Championship: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs Motorola Droid

The next match in our Smartphone Championship is underway now. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 won the last match by getting 63% of the votes againtst the HTC Desire.Apologies for the delay and we are thrilled that so many of you are following our Championship closely . This match is between the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or the Bold2 VS Motorola Droid. Continue reading “Smartphone Championship: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs Motorola Droid”