Nokia Belle Refresh update now rolling out, already available for Nokia N8 in India

After a long time, finally all Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7 and Nokia Oro customers are going to rejoice. Nokia support has just posted on their Nokia Discussions support forums that they have just started rolling out the update for Symbian called Nokia Belle Refresh for the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro with version number 111.040.1511. Nokia E6 will have FW version number 111.140.0058. It is already available for the Nokia N8 in India. Continue reading “Nokia Belle Refresh update now rolling out, already available for Nokia N8 in India”

Dolby Mobile Experience – MWC 2012

We had the opportunity to visit the Dolby booth at the MWC 2012. We have two videos – An interview with Simon Arnold and another video demonstrating the Dolby mobile experience.

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Nokia Symbian Anna Update rolling out to N8, E7, C7 and C6-01

Nokia has announced that the much awaited Symbian Anna update is finally available for Symbian phones such as the N8, C7 , E7 and C6-01.  The update brings a new UI along with some improvements in messaging , maps and the browser. The update is available through Ovi Suite and as an Over The Air update.The Over the Air normally takes a bit longer to appear so you can try using Ovi Suite to check if your phone has received the update. The release also says that more than 10 Symbian phones will be launched in the next 12 months. The update is slowly rolling out to all countries . Have you updated your Nokia to Anna ? Let us know ! Continue reading “Nokia Symbian Anna Update rolling out to N8, E7, C7 and C6-01”

Angry Birds Magic Shown on NFC Enabled Nokia C7

Here is a video taken at the MeeGo conference which shows Angry Birds Magic on the Nokia C7. Rovio is working on Angry Birds Magic which basically bringing virtual and reality together.

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Nokia Astound gets run over by 4000 kilogram Bus , Survives !

Nokia launched the C7 as the Astound in USA on T-Mobile during CTIA and now Nokia USA has posted a video which shows the device being run over by a 4 Tonne (4000 Kilograms) Ovi Bus and watch the video for the rest of the action.

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Nokia Astound is the C7 for T-Mobile

Nokia was expected to launch a Symbian handset for USA at CTIA and they have announced the Nokia Astound – a T-Mobile branded C7 . The Symbian^3 device will be available exclusively on T-Mobile (soon to be AT&T ) starting from April 6.  The Astound seems identical in specs to the C7 including the 3.5 inch AMOLED display , stylish design , 8MP EDoF Camera with 720p video recording. Continue reading “Nokia Astound is the C7 for T-Mobile”

Nokia E7 Photo Gallery

Hello everyone to another one of my photo galleries! This time i got my hands on Nokia’s successor of the great Communicator series, the Nokia E7! Announced at Nokia World in September 2010, the E7 has gathered a nice following of fans who could not wait to get their hands on one (I’m looking at you, Trentsense :D) Enjoy my pictures of the Nokia E7 in all it’s details!

Nokia E7 in dark grey. More colors to follow! Continue reading “Nokia E7 Photo Gallery”

Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 and C7 have been available for quite a while in the market, and we’ve already brought you reviews of the N8, many photo galleries of it, and a separate gallery of the Frosty Metal Nokia C7. I happened to have both the silver N8 and the Frosty Metal C7 in my hands at the same time, so I thought I’d share a hardware tour comparison with you, explaining the key design differences between these otherwise slightly similar Symbian^3 devices. Continue reading “Gallery: Frosty Metal Nokia C7 vs Silver Nokia N8”

Nokia C7 controls a BMW !

Nokia C7 turns out into a remote to control a BMW . An Jiaxuan with his friend developed the app which runs in the Nokia C7 and with the app they remotely control a BMW car.It started with the controlling of toy cars and ended up in controlling a BMW.  This project was made possible after 20 days of coding.

Check out the video to see how cool the hack is Continue reading “Nokia C7 controls a BMW !”

Nokia C7: Buy It Or Go For The N8?

A lot has been said already about the Nokia N8 and the C7, the first two Symbian^3 devices that started shipping a few weeks apart from each other; a lot of comparisons have been made, a lot of opinions voiced. I was lucky enough to have used both handsets for a couple of months each, separately, to form my own impression of them, and to have a real world feel of how they compare to each other and how they fit in a daily use scenario. In this post, I will try to answer the dilemma of any buyer who is torn between both handsets.

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Nokia C7: 2 hidden features revealed!

I’m trialing the brand new Nokia C7 theses days, and gotta say i really like the phone! I won’t spoil too much in detail for now, but i wanna say this: if you’re up for a classy, stylish phone with great material quality, the C7 is something you should definitely have a look at. I met with Christoph from Nokia Austria today for a relaxed tech chat and he showed me two cool features i didn’t know about the Nokia C7 yet! While the first one, is not exactly spectacular, the second one definitely comes in handy!

1. Menu Key Light turns red if you mute a call

Very handy feature for conference calls etc.

2. hidden LED Flashlight feature!!

This. is. awesome.

Video: Unboxing of the Nokia C7

I received a brand new Nokia C7 today (huge thanks to Nokia Austria), in the fantastic looking black charcoal colour. I got struck by the awesome feel again, the whole device is very nicely built and will definitely surprise you, if you think its just a cheap quality rip off. I decided to do an unboxing video for the first time in years, and also tested waters to film with my Canon EOS 500D. So go easy on me guys, i usually don’t do much videos, but definitely wanna get more into it 🙂 I’m gonna test the symbian^3-powered, Nokia C7 thoroughly in the next 3 weeks, which will result in one or more review posts! Until then, enjoy my unboxing Video of the uber-sexy Nokia C7!

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