Possible Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini with Snapdragon 808 leaked

Samsung SM-G9198 GFXBench

The benchmark of a phone under model number SM-G9198 has been leaked on GFXBench. The phone could be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini and apparently packs the Snapdragon 808 processor.

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Nokia Lumia 1020: What we know till now


The long wait is finally coming to an end, with today’s launch of the much expected and awaited camera flagship from Nokia. Ever since the Nokia 808 launched in February 2012, the device has been unanimously praised as the world’s best camera on a phone, and it has stayed true even now. Efforts to dethrone the 808 have been unsuccessful till now, even with Nokia’s other PureView’s cameras, but that was not really their notion anyway. The Nokia 808 PureView phase I, it was called, once the Nokia Lumia 920 released with other capabilities, which was denoted as PureView phase II. Reported claims of specifications, images, hardware shots, accessories have all leaked out to the internet way before the device has even officially launched. So, what do we know about it till now? Find out all the details below.

UPDATE: AT&T just outed 3 promo videos


Looks like the camera UI is much better than what we had imagined, anyway read on for more videos below.

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Nokia 808 PureView Gallery and Camera update now available in India

Nokia 808 PureView Camera and Gallery update India

When it comes to keeping the promise for Software Updates, Nokia is definitely one of those few companies who complies with such promise. Nokia pushed the Gallery and Camera update as software update to its imaging super-champ Nokia 808 PureView back in March. This update is now available in India.  The update which is little more than 2MB in size has been pushed through Software Update application than as separate firmware update. Continue reading “Nokia 808 PureView Gallery and Camera update now available in India”

End of an era, Nokia 808 PureView to be the last Symbian phone

Two years later, the burning platform is officially no more. As part of its Q4 financial results, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer announced that the  Nokia 808 PureView is the last Symbian phone. Nokia managed to sell close to 2.2 million Symbian phones presumably spurred by demand for the camera powerhouse that is the 808. Continue reading “End of an era, Nokia 808 PureView to be the last Symbian phone”

Nokia PureView 808 purple tint issue to be fixed via SW Update

Over at Nokia’s support forums, a statement has been put up regarding the much reported purple tint issue on the the 808 PureView’s display. In fact our very own unit initially faced this problem before being replaced. The screen sporadically takes a very prominent purple tint when exposed to bright sunlight or in a very dark room.

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Nokia 808 PureView meets Nissan GT-R

Yes you read right, Megapixel meets Horsepower! As a big last hoorah before giving my Nokia 808 PureView loaner back to Nokia, I was extremely lucky to spend a bit of time again with a Nissan GT-R (HUGE thanks to Richard Haderer!)! Two big worlds collide here: On one side the Nokia 808 PureView, the new undisputed king in mobile photography, Damian Dinning’s 41-megapixel masterpiece with it’s fantastic PureView technology. On the other side, the Nissan GT-R. The most underrated supercar, with 550 horsepowers and probably the best acceleration since a starting plane. Stomping the foot on the accelerator is like getting kicked in the seat by a horse, with a fantastic sound as company. Feast your eyes on these PureView-GT-R-images and make sure to check them out in full size on my Flickr channel by clicking on them!

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Amzer Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin Case for Nokia 808 PureView Review

Amzer is one of the first accessory manufacturers to reveal their line up of cases and other gear for the recently launched Nokia 808 PureView.

Today we take a look at the Amzer TPU skin case for the Nokia 808 which is one of the first third party cases out there. Continue reading “Amzer Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin Case for Nokia 808 PureView Review”

Nokia PureView 808 coming to the US with a $699 pricetag

Nokia has just announced that Nokia 808 PureView will be available in the US unlocked at Amazon. The pentaband phone will support AT&T 3G but T-Mobile users will be relegated to 2G speeds. The pricing has been set at $699 but there is no official word on availability.

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Nokia 808 Pureview gets a price tag of Rs.33899 on Nokia Store few hours before India launch

nokia pureview india price
The folks at BGR.in have just posted that the Nokia 808 PureView has got a new price tag of Rs.33899 on the Nokia Store with an unconfirmed MRP of Rs.34999. The 808 PureView packs a whopping 41 Megapixel Camera sensor with a Xenon flash and capable for recording 1080p videos.From the little time , I have had with the device since Mobile World Congress, CTIA and Nokia India events , I totally want one as I have owned the Nokia N82, N86 8MP and the N8. The PureView is a must have if you are camera phone freak like me. Only thing which is not so fancy about the PureView is the Symbian OS but then that is the OS which has good image processing capabilities. Continue reading “Nokia 808 Pureview gets a price tag of Rs.33899 on Nokia Store few hours before India launch”

Nokia 808 PureView Unboxing

FoneArena has managed to get its hands on the Nokia 808 PureView which packs a monstrous 41 Megapixel Camera sensor and here is an exclusive unboxing and a quick look at the device.

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Nokia 808 PureView gets a Pre-Order Price in UK

The much awaited 41 Mega pixel monster camera phone is all set to go on sale in the UK going by the listing on UK retailer Clove . The 808 Pureview has got a Pre-Order price tag of 449 pounds (539 pounds including VAT). While the exact launch date is not yet available , they are taking pre-orders for the Symbian device.  The price seems quite a premium for a Symbian device . Even HTC One X and iPhone 4S cost little lesser or little more in the UK. Although the 808 seems a bit over priced , the camera is something we have never seen before on a mobile device. Continue reading “Nokia 808 PureView gets a Pre-Order Price in UK”

Dolby Mobile Experience – MWC 2012

We had the opportunity to visit the Dolby booth at the MWC 2012. We have two videos – An interview with Simon Arnold and another video demonstrating the Dolby mobile experience.

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Red Nokia 808 PureView Photo Gallery

We bet that most of you are still in awe of the Nokia 808 PureView. The mind boggling Megapixel count is still making us wonder whether we are imagining as well.

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Nokia 808 Pure View Photo Gallery

Here are some live pics of the Nokia 808 Pure View we got our hands on earlier today. Enjoy the Photo Gallery below with tons of pics of the device. The phone has a bulge in the back to accomodate the gigantic Camera sensor which captures upto 38 MP resolution photos. We were live blogging Nokia Press conference from MWC 2012 where Nokia announced the 808 Pure view

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Video : Quick Look at the 41 Mega Pixel Camera on the Nokia 808 Pure View

Here is a quick look at the Nokia 808 PureView’s 41 Megapixel Camera which can take pics upto 38 Megapixels in size. No it is certainly not a typo. Nokia 808 Pure View is the successor to the N8 and features a  41 MP Camera Sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. It also records video in 1080p full HD. It packs a LED flash for Video and a Xenon Flash for still images. Watch the video below to see the camera in action Continue reading “Video : Quick Look at the 41 Mega Pixel Camera on the Nokia 808 Pure View”