Exclusive : Xiaomi will have service centers in India


Xiaomi Mi3-3

Xiaomi the Chinese phone maker is all set to enter India tomorrow where the company will officially unveil its products for the Indian market. While most of you including myself are impressed with the design and build quality of the Xiaomi phones, what if something goes wrong, how do I get it fixed? Most of you have been asking us if the company will have service centers in India and we just have some interesting news to share. We just heard from a reader who has supplied us with the service center list and looks like Xiaomi is going to take its India operations quite seriously with service centers in major cities across the country.  You can find Xiaomi India Service Center List after the break.
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HTC One M8 Launch Event Live Blog

HTC One 2014 Edition launch event invite
Taiwanese phone maker HTC is holding an event in New York City and London today to announce the much expected successor to the HTC One. FoneArena is reporting live from the New York edition of the launch event. Do follow our live blog for minute by minute updates about the new HTC One which has been codenamed as the M8 and there have been many leaks about the product. We will soon hear from HTC itself about the new features of the new HTC One and espcially the camera which is expected to be a Dual-Camera arrangement.

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Oppo N1 Unboxing


The Oppo N1 has landed at the FoneArena office today! As expected, we bring you the first look at the device through the unboxing of the gorgeous flagship device from Oppo. The Chinese company had announced this camera-centric flagship device as a part of its N-series smartphones, aptly naming the first one, the N1. While the camera is the most important feature of this phone, there is also the innovative OTouch rear sensor for an experience that you cannot see on any other phone out there in the market. With a 5.9 inch screen, this is the first Oppo device that firmly cements itself in the phablet territory and is unquestionably huge to prove that fact. So, how does it actually look and feel? Here’s our unboxing video, featuring the device and the box contents, or rather the boxes’ contents. Watch –

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Powerful Processors Giveaway #1


I’am sure most of you would remember the Qualcomm Snapdragon powered Giveaways last year on FoneArena. We are pleased to announce that for the next several weeks, we are running the giveaways again, thanks to Qualcomm. All you have to do is just answer a few questions and you can walk away with one brand new Snapdragon device – Sony XPERIA Z. The contest was a great success last year with a record number of entries and it would have not been possible without support from you guys! Looking forward to your participation in this year’s giveaways too. Dive into the contest below and send in your entry. Continue reading “Qualcomm Snapdragon Powerful Processors Giveaway #1”

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Unboxing


We have an exclusive unboxing of the just announced Samsung Galaxy  S4 Zoom camera phone first on FoneArena which was showcased at an event in London last month where we got a hands on this super-sized camera phone.The S4 Zoom is basically a Galaxy S4 mini with a zoom lens attached to it on the back. It looks like a phone from the front but the moment you get a glimpse of that 10x zoom lens on the back, you just can’t continue to think of the Galaxy S4 zoom as a phone, it feels more like a mini version of the Galaxy Camera which was launched last year.The main difference between the two is that the S4 Zoom can make phone calls while the Galaxy Camera can’t.  We got hold of the retail package from the Middle-East and here is a look at the device and the package contents. Check out the unboxing video below

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Video: Downhill Action with the Nokia Lumia 920 GoPro Chest Harness

A week ago I have received a package with something very cool inside. In the package I have a found a custom-built Nokia Lumia 920 case, made of Plexiglass, built on a GoPro chest harness. It’s probably no secret that I’m the unsportiest person in Austria, so I’ve contacted my friend Gernot Lambeck, a huge downhill biking fan. He agreed to give this a try, and so we met last weekend for some action in a nearby forest. With the OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser) built inside the Lumia 920, Nokia promises a great video experience even in difficult situations. Blasting through a forest on a bike would probably be “difficult”, and I was looking forward to see how the 920 handled the abuse.

Nokia Lumia 920 GoPro02
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Exclusive: Xolo A1000 with 5-inch display, dual-core processor, Android 4.1 coming soon

Xolo has its plans set to make 2013 a big year for the company. Within a span of a month, Xolo has another big product set to hit the market. A 5-inch phone that fits the hand and the budget, comfortably. Xolo A1000 has a width of just 70mm, that makes working on the phone with a single hand , much easier. It is just 8.8 mm thick. We spotted the prototype strutting around in the capital city. Warm your eyes with some snapshots of this dual-core (not Intel) and 2100 mAh battery powered phone. Continue reading “Exclusive: Xolo A1000 with 5-inch display, dual-core processor, Android 4.1 coming soon”

FoneArena Apple iPad mini Giveaway !

It is the holiday season and at FoneArena, we have decided that we should spread joy and the holiday spirit! So, we are going to giveaway a brand new “limited edition” Apple iPad mini, the white 16 GB WiFi version! Read on to find out more about the contest.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Unboxing

We have  a really crazy gadget here at FoneArena today for unboxing. If you were wondering what the gadget is about , it is a camera running on Android Jelly Bean. Samsung announced this product at IFA couple of months back in Germany along with the Galaxy Note 2. Today we have the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Camera exclusively on FoneArena. What does the final product look like ? How does Android Jellybean look like on a camera !  Watch the unboxing video below! Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Camera Unboxing”

Nokia 808 PureView meets Nissan GT-R

Yes you read right, Megapixel meets Horsepower! As a big last hoorah before giving my Nokia 808 PureView loaner back to Nokia, I was extremely lucky to spend a bit of time again with a Nissan GT-R (HUGE thanks to Richard Haderer!)! Two big worlds collide here: On one side the Nokia 808 PureView, the new undisputed king in mobile photography, Damian Dinning’s 41-megapixel masterpiece with it’s fantastic PureView technology. On the other side, the Nissan GT-R. The most underrated supercar, with 550 horsepowers and probably the best acceleration since a starting plane. Stomping the foot on the accelerator is like getting kicked in the seat by a horse, with a fantastic sound as company. Feast your eyes on these PureView-GT-R-images and make sure to check them out in full size on my Flickr channel by clicking on them!

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Hands-on with LG Optimus L5 In India


LG Mobile is being quite aggressive this year when it comes to launching attractive Android smartphones running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. LG Mobile has announced three international models running on ICS apart from a few Gingerbread running devices at MWC 2012. These three devices are the Optimus L5, L7 and Optimus 4X HD which run Android 4.0.3 out of the box. Continue reading “Hands-on with LG Optimus L5 In India”

BlackBerry World 2012 Live Blog

We are live blogging the opening keynote from BlackBerry World 2012 currently happening in Orlando , Florida.  We are really hoping that RIM CEO Thorsten Heins will share some news about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Devices. This is the first BlackBerry World under the new leadership. Last year RIM announced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 at this event and it happens to be the most popular Blackberry handset currently in the market.

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FoneArena BlackBerry OS7 GiveAway – One White Bold 9900 up for grabs !

It is contest time on FoneArena ! BlackBerry Maker Research in Motion (RIM) has decided to giveaway one  shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9900 White device exclusively to FoneArena readers. In order to take part in the contest , all you got to do is just match the category of the devices listed in the form below and submit your entry. One lucky winner gets to win an all new White BlackBerry Bold 9900. We have not even opened the package yet as you see in the image above. The lucky reader gets to unbox the device himself/herself !

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Nokia Lumia 800 white version hands-on

It seems apt that Nokia has chosen to announced a new colour Lumia 800 this week. Europe has been blankated by snow – so what better way than to celebrate than making official the white version. White is a popular colour for a phone, and while the previous versions has always looked so darn beautiful on the Lumia 800’s Polycarbonate unibody shell, it just isn’t quite as sexy as it is in white. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 800 white version hands-on”

Motorola RAZR hands-on

This morning I had the chance to play with Motorola’s newest Android smartphone – the RAZR. The impossibly slim smartphone is the thinnest I have ever held. At 7.1mm thickness, the RAZR best the Galaxy S2 by a full 1.4mm.

The RAZR’s specs are typical of what to expect from a late 2011 smartphone. Beneath the glossy and stylish metal exterior lies a Texas Instrument OMAP 4430 SoC with dual core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor and PowerVR SGX540 GPU. In essence the RAZR is a DROID Bionic reborned for the international market after a diet and slight speed upgrade. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR hands-on”