Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Unboxing


We have an exclusive unboxing of the just announced Samsung Galaxy  S4 Zoom camera phone first on FoneArena which was showcased at an event in London last month where we got a hands on this super-sized camera phone.The S4 Zoom is basically a Galaxy S4 mini with a zoom lens attached to it on the back. It looks like a phone from the front but the moment you get a glimpse of that 10x zoom lens on the back, you just can’t continue to think of the Galaxy S4 zoom as a phone, it feels more like a mini version of the Galaxy Camera which was launched last year.The main difference between the two is that the S4 Zoom can make phone calls while the Galaxy Camera can’t.  We got hold of the retail package from the Middle-East and here is a look at the device and the package contents. Check out the unboxing video below

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Galaxy S 4 Zoom press images surface ahead of launch event

Samsung has previously announced that it’ll hold an event in London to launch a range of new products. Of these, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has already been revealed. The second product, the S 4 Zoom,  has just shown up in a range of leaked press images

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Unboxing

We have  a really crazy gadget here at FoneArena today for unboxing. If you were wondering what the gadget is about , it is a camera running on Android Jelly Bean. Samsung announced this product at IFA couple of months back in Germany along with the Galaxy Note 2. Today we have the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Camera exclusively on FoneArena. What does the final product look like ? How does Android Jellybean look like on a camera !  Watch the unboxing video below! Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Camera Unboxing”

Samsung Galaxy Camera Pre-Booking starts in India

Samsung India has started accepting pre-bookings for its upcoming Galaxy Camera on the company’s eStore. This interesting device is basically a point and shoot camera running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and packs 3G and WiFi connectivity. It has a massive 4.8 inch display  and 21x zoom.One cannot make calls from this device though. Samsung had previously told FoneArena that the Galaxy Camera would be launched during Diwali and looks like this Android based Camera will be going on sale soon.

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