FoneArena BlackBerry OS7 GiveAway – One White Bold 9900 up for grabs !

It is contest time on FoneArena ! BlackBerry Maker Research in Motion (RIM) has decided to giveaway one  shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9900 White device exclusively to FoneArena readers. In order to take part in the contest , all you got to do is just match the category of the devices listed in the form below and submit your entry. One lucky winner gets to win an all new White BlackBerry Bold 9900. We have not even opened the package yet as you see in the image above. The lucky reader gets to unbox the device himself/herself !

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Hands on : Blackberry Bold 9790

RIM introduced a new addition to its Bold series alongside its Curve series siblings at the launch yesterday. The baby Bold as it has been positioned has a lot going for it. We had some hands on time with it. Click through to read more about the Bold 9790.

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BlackBerry Bold India Launch Photo Gallery

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 was launched in India today and here we have an extensive photo gallery of the device. The phone is already available in stores across India and a FoneArena reader already got one.Enjoy the pics below and let us know if you have any questions about the device. Expect a Preview soon and a in-depth review later. Continue reading “BlackBerry Bold India Launch Photo Gallery”

Exclusive : BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unboxing

Here we the have first unboxing  of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (at least from this side of the planet ) .  The handset was launched in India today as we told you before and we have managed to get hold of a handset for the unboxing just  for you ! Watch the rather fast unboxing below and let us know if you have any questions about the handset. The handset is powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and sports a 2.8 inch capacitive touchscreen along with a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone is powered by BlackBerry OS 7.


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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Price Revealed for India

bold 9900

BlackBerry India is gearing up to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in India tomorrow and the unofficial price has been revealed by multiple sources.Online retailer LetsBuy just sent a press release that the site is selling the Bold 9900 for Rs.31500 , not a bad asking price for a brand new BlackBerry handset hitting the market.

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BlackBerry Torch 2 and Storm 3 launched as Torch 9810 and 9850/9860

At an event in London today , Research in Motion , makers of Blackberry handsets unveiled 3 new devices including the much rumoured Torch2 – Blackberry Torch 9810. RIM has done away with the Storm branding and launched 2 news Touch-only handsets the Torch 9850 and 9860 for. All these handsets run on the latest version of BlackBerry OS BB 7.  The phones have a lot in common such as a 1.2GHz processor and a liquid graphics display. Find the press release below.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Hands On – Video

blackberry bold 9900

Here is a nice 6 minute video of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 which was launched today at BlackBerry World . We take a look at the hardware ,  UI and other interesting aspects of the latest Blackberry device. This handset is powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and runs on OS7. I personally prefer this form-factor compared to the Torch which has a slider keyboard.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Live Photos

blackberry bold 9900

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 was announced just today at BlackBerry World and here are some hands-on photos of the device live from Orlando. We got to play with the device and it looked pretty nice in the hands. The form factor looks impressive with the combination of a touchscreen and the usual QWERTY keypad. We liked the device overall and it might be a nice upgrade if you are Blackberry addict. Continue reading “BlackBerry Bold 9900 Live Photos”

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Announced with BlackBerry OS 7

Research in Motion makers of BlackBerry Smartphones just announced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 running BB OS 7 at the company’s event here in Orlando. It’s the thinnest BlackBerry and the first to come with Blackberry 7 OS

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 Available in India for Rs.26900

The Blackberry Bold 3 aka 9780 is already available in India in various mobile retail outlets. We also noticed RIM advertising the new phone in major newspapers.  While the new Blackberry Bold might look very similar to the 9700 , it does have a few differences. For instance The 9780 comes with BB OS 6.0 out of the box.

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Blackberry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G Emerge

The Blackberry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G have emerged on TheStreet. Blackberry maker RIM is holding the WES 2010 Annual event starting today in Orlando in USA and we can expect some new Blackberries to be announced. And the first of the lot are the Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G

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Blackberry Bold

The BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone embodies elegant design – without sacrificing the features or functionality you expect from a premium smartphone. Well this is the official statement in the BlackBerry Website. Well Bold turns out to be the official name of the device we have come to know as the 9000.

UPDATE : Blackberry Bold 9000 is available in India and Pricing information



No compromises. With email, phone, IM and the Internet, it can connect you. With an integrated organizer, it can help you stay on top of your day. With camera and video recording, you can capture and share the moment with just a few clicks. And that’s just the beginning.


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