Honor 8 Pro with 5.7-inch Quad HD display, 6GB RAM and 12MP dual rear cameras announced

Honor 8 Pro

Why do bloggers shoot and write about unboxing of a device? Is it because they love to shoot the unwrapping of recyclable plastic? Well, tech bloggers write about unboxing with the hope of actually discovering some truly innovative accessories in the box that add to the experience of using the main guy in the box – the Phone! After over a decade of unappetizing unboxing experiences, we are delighted to introduce a device that will change the afterlife destiny of the box you bring your newly purchased goody, in! Say hello to the truly ‘smart’ device Honor 8 Pro with Honor VR cardboard glasses IN THE BOX! Continue reading “Honor 8 Pro with 5.7-inch Quad HD display, 6GB RAM and 12MP dual rear cameras announced”

Micromax Canvas Laptab Hands On

Micromax Canvas Laptab_fonearena-001

Micromax entered into Windows 8.1 tablet market yesterday with the launch of Canvas Laptab. Priced at Rs. 14,999, the tablet doubles up as a laptop with a detachable keyboard that has a trackpad. The keys and the trackpad are comfortable to use. Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Laptab Hands On”

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G Hands On

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G-8

Samsung announced a range of 4G-enabled smartphone at the Samsung Forum 2015 in Bangkok earlier today. Priced at Rs 9,990, the Galaxy J1 4G (SM-J100F) is the cheapest of the lot. It is an enhanced version of the Galaxy J1 (SM-J100H) 3G smartphone that was launched in India last week. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy J1 4G Hands On”

Samsung Galaxy A7 Hands On

Samsung Galaxy A7-7

By far, the most beautiful among Samsung A series phones, Samsung Galaxy A7 is now available for sale in India. It is priced at Rs. 30,499 and was official launched at the Samsung Forum 2015 in Bangkok. The 4G device packs a bunch of impressive specifications, including Octa core processor and 5.5 inch Full HD AMOLED screen. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy A7 Hands On”

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G-10

From top of the 4G devices line that was announced at the Samsung Forum 2015 in Bangkok, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G will hit stores from second week of March 2015. The dual SIM phone will be available in White and Grey colours. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G Hands On”

New Moto G Hands On


The first Moto G flagged off the successful return of Motorola, in India. Flipkart, that has fuelled this run for Motorola phones has already sold 1.6 Million phones from the brand. Motorola has announced entry of 2 new phones and 1 smartwatch, before the festive season begins, in India. On sale already, Moto G (second gen) is available only in 16GB variant at price 12,999 INR. Moto X and Motorola smart watch, Moto 360 will be available for purchase, online, by end of September 2014. Continue reading “New Moto G Hands On”

New Moto X Hands On


There was a time when Motorola phones had the smartest hardware with their sharp metallic hues and super slim flip styles (remember RAZR series). We forgot all about them after Moto moved out of India. The new Moto X brings back that stylish aura of its predecessors. It has a slim curved design that will set it apart from all other android devices, in its category. The new Moto X is slim and is perfectly curved for the palm and pocket. Here’s a first hands on feel of the device. Continue reading “New Moto X Hands On”

Vertu Signature Touch Review

Vertu has priced its most recent launch ‘New Signature Touch’ at whopping Rupees 7.5 lakhs. Many would question if there really is a market for such expensive mobile devices? The answer is – yes there is! Proof of which is Vertu’s survival in the industry, for nearly 15 years.

vertu front screen

The target audience for such expensive phones is extremely niche and thus very selective. They want to be seen carrying devices that set them apart from the crowd. Vertu has successfully catered to this audience with its uniquely hand-crafted mobile devices. Yet, its beautifully packaged mobile phones failed to deliver the latest in technology. This remained a huge obstacle in Vertu’s growth. Continue reading “Vertu Signature Touch Review”

Samsung Gear Fit Review


Unlike most wearable wrist gadgets, launched in the first half of 2014, Samsung Gear Fit is the only one that does not look like a police ankle monitor! (square). It is the best looking wrist gadget I have used, thus far. Samsung Gear Fit not only looks good but also juggles well, its dual functions – of being a Smart watch and a Fitness gear. Continue reading “Samsung Gear Fit Review”

Motorola Moto 360 Top 10 Designs

Moto 360

Motorola is all set to bring its very first smart watch with Android Wear OS, in a few days. Moto 360 watch will be sold in ‘a selection of styles’. Motorola invited designers to create different looks for the new watch. Winner of the contest will get a Moto360 watch. Moto received nearly 1300 entries that were judged by the team that created Moto 360. Amongst the many entries received, here are Motorola’s top 10 picks. Which of these designs would you want to see adorn your wrist? Share your comments at the end of the post. Continue reading “Motorola Moto 360 Top 10 Designs”

Micromax Canvas Win W121 Hands On and Photo Gallery

Micromax has introduced two Windows Phone 8.1 OS devices, Canvas Win W121 and Canvas Win W092. Among the two, Win W121 is more attractive. It is slimmer and has a leather-like finished back.

MICROMAX CANVAS WIN PH 8.1 WIN W121-11 Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Win W121 Hands On and Photo Gallery”

Moto 360 compatible with Android 4.3 and higher version devices

Moto 360

Made of stainless steel, the Moto 360 Android Wear watch is designed to communicate and look good on the wrist while it does that. In a hangout broadcasted live on Motorola’s YouTube Channel, Jim Wicks, Lead Designer of the Moto 360, disclosed few features of the Android-wear watch, on Wednesday. Continue reading “Moto 360 compatible with Android 4.3 and higher version devices”

Micromax Canvas Knight Photo Gallery and Hardware Overview

It’s the year of phones powered by octa-core processors. From Samsung to Intex, everyone has one, in the market. Strangely, Micromax a key player, did not up until it launched Canvas Knight, in March. Competitively priced at Rupees 19999, the Micromax Canvas Knight promises lighting speeds. How good is it compared to other octa-core phones out there? We begin with the first impression – looks and hardware specs.

MICROMAX CANVAS KNIGHT LOOKS-16 Continue reading “Micromax Canvas Knight Photo Gallery and Hardware Overview”

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 First Look

Samsung introduced the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 with a huge 12.2-inch screen at the CES 2014 last month. It was launched in India at the Samsung Asia Forum 2014 in Bali earlier this week at a price tag of Rs. 64,900. We got to check out the tablet at the event. The NotePRO looks similar to the TabPRO 12.2 and also has almost similar specifications, but this has a S Pen stylus and Wacom Digitizer for pressure sensitive input. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 First Look”