Nokia OVI store Top Symbian Apps in India

Nokia has released the list of popular Symbian apps in the OVI store in India. These apps are based on the popularity such as download, rating etc. among the users in India. These apps are of different categories like Entertainment, Social, Communication and Games. Continue reading “Nokia OVI store Top Symbian Apps in India”

Audioboo Comes To The Ovi Store Worldwide

Almost a year ago, I discovered the joys of using Audioboo for covering live events on Twitter. See, Audioboo is kind of the audio version of Twitpic for Twitter. You get 5 minutes of audio recording, and you can set that to be automatically sent to Twitter with a link to listen to the Boo. Quite simple, and when you want to get live impressions of people, it works wonderfully well. Except that there wasn’t a version for Symbian before and I had to use my iPod Touch and wait until I had WiFi around to upload my Boos, which defeated the purpose of its instantaneous approach.

Well, that problem is now solved as Audioboo has recently been launched in the Ovi Store, and after a few days of being limited to the UK only, is now available worldwide.

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Nokia N8 Review Week – The Wrap Up

When we set out to write the Nokia N8 review on FoneArena, we wanted to bring you a diverse, all-encompassing, balanced opinion of the first Symbian^3 device and the long time coming imaging flagship from the Finnish manufacturer. We were lucky to have had review units sent to many of our team members and that’s how, all throughout last week, we took you through a full Nokia N8 review from 6 different writers, each one discussing a certain aspect of it.Our team members in India, USA, UK , Europe and Middle-East contributed to this review.

We all hope you enjoyed the way we handled this review and plan to bring you more of the same in the future. I will be wrapping it up today and sharing some pros and cons, based on our previous coverage of the device, so that you can decide for yourself.

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Nokia N8 Review Week – Day 5 – Apps , Ovi Store and Ovi Maps

Hello and welcome everyone to the Nokia N8 Review Week here on Fone Arena! Each day of this week, one of our team members will cover one area of Nokia’s imaging flagship with all the do’s and dont’s. This should make for an exciting week and we’re all looking forward to that! Today is Friday, our names are Jon Choo and Gaurav Hasabnis, and we have joined hands to tell you about the Nokia N8 apps and what you can expect of it. Enjoy reading along and if you have any questions on that matter, leave a comment!

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Socially application for Nokia N8 allows user to sync their friends Facebook profile pics and birthdays

If you recently bought a Nokia N8, then you may need an application to sync with your Facebook friends information and pictures. If you want the app, then head over to Ovi Store and download the free application known as Socially. Socially is an app which allows Continue reading “Socially application for Nokia N8 allows user to sync their friends Facebook profile pics and birthdays”

Nokia N8, The Initial List Of Fourteen Wins And Fails

The N8 (or Nate as I’m growing used to call it) is here. It’s been released, it’s shipping, and people all around the world are receiving their units. Finally, after too long a wait, I have an N8 in my hands, for a proper test and review. Following my “The N8 is Perfect, There, I said it” assertion, there really is very little I can say to top it up. Or can I?

The N8 landed in my hands 2 days ago, and while I still maintain that it IS the perfect handset for the photography and multimedia buffs, I had mentioned that it doesn’t target me, and I’m not particularly thrown towards buying one. So, over the last 48 hours, I’ve gone from awe to oh to ouch and back to awe several times with the N8 in my hands. Here is the compiled initial list of N8 wins and fails, in my book.

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Dear Nokia, If US Developers Don’t Come Now, I’m Afraid They Never Will

We all know that while there are a lot of cool developer houses in Asia, Europe and Africa, for whom coding for Nokia, and Symbian more specifically, is on the high priority list, there are still tons of amazing software companies in North America who would rather play the lottery by publishing their titles on iOS and Android amongst fierce competition by hundreds of thousands of other apps, than play The Wheel of Fortune and work on Symbian where getting any fame is almost a guarantee.

So why am I making the statement that if developers don’t come now, I don’t think they ever will? Well because of three factors essentially.

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10 Reasons The Nokia E5 Is The Best Affordable Social Smartphone

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in a discussion about raw power, stellar hardware specs, and the high-end smartphone market. But what many websites and analytics forget is that the vast majority of people, worldwide, want a decent mobile that can help them in their everyday life without punching a ginormous hole in their savings account. The Nokia E5 is one of the latest smartphones that falls into the affordable category, while still managing to cram enough features to appeal to the most social nutcase amongst us. Here are 10 reasons the E5 is a perfect social smartphone.

Admit it or not, the social butterfly lifestyle comes with a pre-requisite: texting, emailing, connecting, tweeting, IM’ing, posting, commenting,… and a lot of typing is required on almost every level. A decent qwerty like the one found on the E5 is a godsend for such cases, with nice tactile feedback, large keys, and even predictive text on the software side of things.

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Update: Nokia Internet Radio Finally Comes To TouchScreen Phones

Update: a few minutes after I published this article, the application went live on the Ovi Store. It’s free, go download it here.

It’s been an eternity since Nokia started releasing touchscreen S60 v5 phones with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, yet one of their stellar home-brewed entertainment applications, Nokia Internet Radio, was never ported to these devices, to the dismay of many Internet Radio addicts.

Well, it seems the wait might be finally over, as I stumbled across a yet-non-legit version of Nokia Internet Radio today for S60 v5 or Symbian^1 if you prefer, that works perfectly well. It’s dubbed version 1.01(0) and it’s provided by Nokia so my guess is that it’s only a matter of time until we see this released officially by Nokia, since as of right now, the Internet Radio page only supports S60 v3. Continue reading “Update: Nokia Internet Radio Finally Comes To TouchScreen Phones”

The Nokia N8 Is Perfect, There, I Said It

If you’re a BMW car fan and you go ahead and buy a Mercedes Benz car because of one cool feature, then expect it to act like a BMW and get mad because it doesn’t, you’re an idiot. Stick to BMW, or accept the different approach. The same can be said about phones. You don’t buy a Blackberry and expect it to be 100% like an E71, you don’t get a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and blame it for not having the iPhone’s multitouch. Every brand has their strengths, their weaknesses, their approaches, their concepts, their target audience.

That’s why, my friends, the Nokia N8 is perfect. I know well enough to accept that it’s not perfect for me because I like physical keyboards and I want medical applications. It’s not perfect for the iPhone/iOS hundreds of thousands of apps afficionados. It’s not perfect for many. But that doesn’t mean “it’s not perfect period”. It is. For its target audience, for those who adhere to the Nokia approach, to the touchscreen-only build form factor, to the slowly growing Ovi Store, those who need top-notch multimedia playback and recording features, those who take a picture of everything and anything in their life. The N8 IS perfect.

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Trill Twitter Client for Symbian S60v3 Review

Trill twitter client is developed by Spice Labs. This is a new twitter client which is available for free in ovi store. The trill client is written in Symbian and aimed at non-touchscreen phones. Here is a short review of the app. Continue reading “Trill Twitter Client for Symbian S60v3 Review”

Ridiculously Awesome: Your Phone As A Vuvuzela

You know the WorldCup, don’t you? Errr not that worldcup, the Football WorldCup! Well, if you watched only one second of any match, you must have noticed a weird annoying sound: that’s the Vuvuzela! Apparently, in South Africa, they can’t play football without that sound. Overly disturbing, isn’t it?

Well, the Vuvuzela seems to be all the rage nowadays and you have got to admit that after a couple of matches with its incessant sound in the background, you kind of, sort of, mildly, unconsciously get used to it. So not to be left behind, developers have jumped on the window of opportunity and started producing one Vuvuzela app after the other. I guess the age of fart apps and other bodily sounds is over. Too bad.

Anyway, there’s plenty of Vuvuzela apps in the Apple App Store as well as the Ovi Store. If you’re becoming too addicted to that monotone sound, just search your application store for “Vuvuzela” and you’ll probably find one (if not many) to help you get through those long, long hours when there is no match being played and your craving is overwhelming you.

But here’s the kicker, the ultimate FoneArena advice:

If you have a speaker around, be it portable or a good regular speaker, just hook your phone to it, for the ultimate Vuvuzela experience. Seriously. We tried it. We even shot a video, with the FoneArena fade-in and out, all serious and such. Here it is, showing the free MMMOOO Vuvuzela app from the Ovi Store (you can even change its color, and press several times to simulate multiple simultaneous Vuvuzelas!) running on my N97 Mini hooked to the Nokia MD-8 Mini Speaker. Enjoy, ehm, I guess.


Qik Premium goes for sale on Nokia Ovi Store

Mobile video sharing service Qik has added a new Premium App to their service . The new Qik Premium app is exclusively available on the Nokia Ovi Store at a promotional price of 4.99 USD or 4.99 EUR depending on your location.

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