Here’s how you can get Jio prepaid or postpaid number of your choice

Are you tired of receiving a random mobile number that holds no personal significance? Look no further! Jio offers you the exciting Choice Number scheme for both prepaid and postpaid users. Continue reading “Here’s how you can get Jio prepaid or postpaid number of your choice”

How to use Gmail offline

For both personal and business emailing purposes, Gmail has emerged as the most popular email provider. Gmail has more than 1.8 billion users and accounts for 18% of the global market for email clients as of last year. Even more so, around 75% of users access Gmail on their smartphones. In light of this, Google has now made it possible to use Gmail offline, however doing so requires for a Google Chrome browser. Continue reading “How to use Gmail offline”

How to set parental control on Netflix

Forced to stay indoors due to nationwide lockdown, a lot of us are spending our time, apart from our work, on streaming services. With a huge number of collections, be it shows or movies, it is easier than ever for a younger audience to stumble upon inappropriate content. Continue reading “How to set parental control on Netflix”

10 tips to get the most out of Netflix streaming service

It’s been almost a month under lockdown and yeah, now we know exactly how it feels to be inside the home all-day. Right now, the majority of the people (including me) are figuring out ways to keep them away from this boredom or what the world called ‘Quarantine Blues’. Continue reading “10 tips to get the most out of Netflix streaming service”

Get The Promised Symbian Overhauled Look Right Now

One thing Symbian has never had a lack of is excellent theme designers. Ever since the S60 2nd Edition days, you would simply have to hit up a small search on the internet to find hundreds upon hundreds of theme overhauls to help you personalize your device and always keep it feeling fresh. If fresh is what you’re aching for, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

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SMS blocker By Optinno Review

SMS Blocker is a little application by Optinno which manages your incoming sms efficiently. The Sms blocker apps scans every incoming messages and screens spams sms. The SMS blocker app takes little memory and it got every option you need to manage sms.

Main Page Of the App:

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How to install Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your iPhone

iPhone, the only phone I have  been using for 2 years and will use it in future also. I have never used an android before and don’t understand why it’s after iOS and all the hype surrounded to it, so enough is enough I decided to try out Android before purchasing any Android device. Continue reading “How to install Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your iPhone”

Ridiculously Awesome: Your Phone As A Vuvuzela

You know the WorldCup, don’t you? Errr not that worldcup, the Football WorldCup! Well, if you watched only one second of any match, you must have noticed a weird annoying sound: that’s the Vuvuzela! Apparently, in South Africa, they can’t play football without that sound. Overly disturbing, isn’t it?

Well, the Vuvuzela seems to be all the rage nowadays and you have got to admit that after a couple of matches with its incessant sound in the background, you kind of, sort of, mildly, unconsciously get used to it. So not to be left behind, developers have jumped on the window of opportunity and started producing one Vuvuzela app after the other. I guess the age of fart apps and other bodily sounds is over. Too bad.

Anyway, there’s plenty of Vuvuzela apps in the Apple App Store as well as the Ovi Store. If you’re becoming too addicted to that monotone sound, just search your application store for “Vuvuzela” and you’ll probably find one (if not many) to help you get through those long, long hours when there is no match being played and your craving is overwhelming you.

But here’s the kicker, the ultimate FoneArena advice:

If you have a speaker around, be it portable or a good regular speaker, just hook your phone to it, for the ultimate Vuvuzela experience. Seriously. We tried it. We even shot a video, with the FoneArena fade-in and out, all serious and such. Here it is, showing the free MMMOOO Vuvuzela app from the Ovi Store (you can even change its color, and press several times to simulate multiple simultaneous Vuvuzelas!) running on my N97 Mini hooked to the Nokia MD-8 Mini Speaker. Enjoy, ehm, I guess.


Jailbreak and Unlock iOS 4.0

Excited, downloaded and installed, yes I am talking about iOS 4.0 night(IST). So yesterday was the day you did this big download and has started enjoying 100 of new features on your Apple devices. Some might have stayed away from this update fearing, they might loose their jailbreak and the device will get locked. Your fear is over all thanks to iPhone Jailbreak team, they have launched their tools within 8 hrs of launch of new iOS.

Note: This only works on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G as of now.

Step 1: If you have iPhone/iPod Touch running OS 3.13(not jailbroken) upgrade to new iOS 4.0.

Step 2: Download redsn0w beta ( This is still a beta version)

Step 3: Open redsn0w and select the iOS 4.0 IPSW that you used to upgrade your iPhone/iPod Touch

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Guide : Blackberry Plans , Tariffs and Customer Support Numbers

FoneArena reader Anirudh is a Blackberry addict as you can see from above image he sent us. He has a shared a list of Blackberry Tips ,  Plans , Tariffs , Customers Support details including how to activate the Blackberry service on your handset.

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Tutorial : How to Send DTMF request from Nokia N900

Hi folks as we know Nokia N900 does not support sending DTMF request to the operator for credit check and other details.

Finally there is a way to do so with a click of a widget . The widget used to send DTMF request is called the USSD Widget. It is developed by Guseynov Alexey , Martin Grimme.

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My Phone is dead because of a fake IMEI. How Do I Reactivate it now?

China Mobiles

We all know that, all telecom operators blocked handsets with a fake IMEI or no IMEI number recently. Well if you are one of those unlucky ones whose mobile phone went dead, there is now a chance to reactivate it. Continue reading “My Phone is dead because of a fake IMEI. How Do I Reactivate it now?”