Facebook merges its Internet projects under ‘Connectivity’ to improve internet infrastructure

Facebook Smart Speaker

Facebook today has introduced ‘Connectivity’ which is its new umbrella organization that contains the company’s various Internet-for-all projects including the Internet.org. The aim of Connectivity is to bring internet access to the 4 billion people who still don’t have it and improve internet infrastructure in less-connected parts of the world. Continue reading “Facebook merges its Internet projects under ‘Connectivity’ to improve internet infrastructure”

How the Honor 8 is the cutting edge of connectivity


The main purpose of a smartphone is to keep its owner connected. However, this doesn’t just mean keeping the user connected over calls and messages. It also means that the device should be able to give the user multiple ways to store, access and share content and information to make his/her life easier. Many smartphones these days fail to do that and users have to find shortcuts or ways to overcome said shortcomings on their device. The Honor 8 however, will delight every user with its abundance of connectivity options.

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Nokia N8 Review Week – The Wrap Up

When we set out to write the Nokia N8 review on FoneArena, we wanted to bring you a diverse, all-encompassing, balanced opinion of the first Symbian^3 device and the long time coming imaging flagship from the Finnish manufacturer. We were lucky to have had review units sent to many of our team members and that’s how, all throughout last week, we took you through a full Nokia N8 review from 6 different writers, each one discussing a certain aspect of it.Our team members in India, USA, UK , Europe and Middle-East contributed to this review.

We all hope you enjoyed the way we handled this review and plan to bring you more of the same in the future. I will be wrapping it up today and sharing some pros and cons, based on our previous coverage of the device, so that you can decide for yourself.

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Nokia N8 Review Week – Day 7 – Connectivity

Hello and welcome everyone to the Nokia N8 Review Week here on Fone Arena! Each day of this week, one of our team members will cover one area of Nokia’s imaging flagship with all the do’s and dont’s. This should make for an exciting week and we’re all looking forward to that! Today is Sunday, my name is Rita El Khoury and I’m going to tell you about the Nokia N8 connectivity and what you can expect of it. Enjoy reading along and if you have any questions on that matter, leave a comment!

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