Socially application for Nokia N8 allows user to sync their friends Facebook profile pics and birthdays

If you recently bought a Nokia N8, then you may need an application to sync with your Facebook friends information and pictures. If you want the app, then head over to Ovi Store and download the free application known as Socially. Socially is an app which allows users to synchronize their Facebook buddies profile pictures and birthday with their contacts list. There are a lot of good features in the application. When a friend calls you, the display will show you his/her profile picture and latest update from his/her social network profile. But if you get a call from a person who’s not in your contacts list, the application is smart enough to give you the location and the network from which the call is being placed. Well, that’s a cool app and you can download it for free, so folks head over to Ovi Store and download the Socially application for free !