10 Reasons The Nokia E5 Is The Best Affordable Social Smartphone

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in a discussion about raw power, stellar hardware specs, and the high-end smartphone market. But what many websites and analytics forget is that the vast majority of people, worldwide, want a decent mobile that can help them in their everyday life without punching a ginormous hole in their savings account. The Nokia E5 is one of the latest smartphones that falls into the affordable category, while still managing to cram enough features to appeal to the most social nutcase amongst us. Here are 10 reasons the E5 is a perfect social smartphone.

Admit it or not, the social butterfly lifestyle comes with a pre-requisite: texting, emailing, connecting, tweeting, IM’ing, posting, commenting,… and a lot of typing is required on almost every level. A decent qwerty like the one found on the E5 is a godsend for such cases, with nice tactile feedback, large keys, and even predictive text on the software side of things.

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Nokia 6700 Slide Gallery, Out In The Nature

After unboxing the Nokia 6700 Slide, we were so much in love with its build quality and aluminum finish that gives it a classy elegant but simple look, that we decided to take it out in the wild for a short photo-shoot session. Here is the result.

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Samsung I7110 Announced & Reviewed

At the Symbian Smartphone Show in London, Samsung announced a new beast after its stellar Innov8. The Samsung I7110 is an S60 3rd Edition FP2 device that has a lot to brag about. An awesome 2.4″ OLED screen, a 5MP camera with LED flash, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, an optical mouse for a more intuitive browsing experience, an accelerometer, built-in GPS with geotagging and navigation (only 10 European cities supported), an FM Transmitter.

Being an S60 device, the I7110 will allow you to install tons of 3rd-party applications and hence transform it into a mobility powerhouse. At only 12.9mm thick, and with a metallic body, the I7110 is definitely a looker and a very tempting alternative for the Nokia N85.

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