Ovi Store Clocks 1m downloads a day, v2.0 coming very soon


George Linardos, Nokia’s VP of Product, Media today told that Nokia’s Ovi Store is currently generating nearly one million downloads a day and the company is now working on a completely revamping the Ovi store, which will be launched in 2010. Continue reading “Ovi Store Clocks 1m downloads a day, v2.0 coming very soon”

Enter the Nokia Ovi Promo to Win a Free Shopping Trip to New York City


Do you wish to go on a shopping trip to New York City and also wish to take your friend along ? And how about some free cash for spending there. That’s not all . If you win you and your friend get a Nokia N97  too for keeps.

All you need to do is take part is to take part in the Nokia Ovi Win a Trip to New York contest and answer 5 simple questions about the city that never sleeps – NYC.

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Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores

Leading Mobile Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) are in the process of rolling out localised versions of their application stores in India. These application stores will have a collection of applications which are customized for the Indian market.

Nokia, which recently started its Ovi Store, has plans to roll out the localised version by December this year. Though in the initial stages, Ovi Store will be available only in smartphones loaded with the Symbian S60 operating system, but Nokia has promised that it will be enabling the app store for all its phones by early next year. Continue reading “Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores”

8 Free Apps Worth Trying in the Ovi Store

Nokia Ovi Store has been live for a while now. But if you are still stuck on what to install on your phone from the ovi store for free, pick one from the list below and you might not be disappointed .

SMS Preview

Using this app, you can instantly preview all your incoming SMS’s to get the gist of the SMS and the sender when the SMS arrives on your homescreen. The duration of preview can also be customized to 30 seconds or until you click on the phone. Continue reading “8 Free Apps Worth Trying in the Ovi Store”

Nokia Widsets is now part of OVI Store

Nokia started work on WidSets which would offer the very latest and wide variety of applications, games, feeds etc. They would be compatible with various pones from various manufacturers.

Now there’s news that the WidSets site by Nokia would be changed into the OVI Store which Nokia describes as the one-stop global store for mobile games, apps, videos, social content etc. Nokia announced that from the 1st of June 2009, the WidSets account will no longer be available. Continue reading “Nokia Widsets is now part of OVI Store”

Nokia MOSH to shutdown

Nokia MOSH which is quite popular in india for mobile downloads is counting its last days..

Nokia has planned to shutter this service says a report

We first spoke about this service back in 2007

MOSH is a website where users can MObile and SHare content for free ..

Wallpapers , ringtones , apps and games were downloaded a lot infact 137 million downloads were served so far.

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Nokia Ovi Store vs Apple App Store – an indepth comparison

Since Nokia announced the Ovi store at the Mobile World Congress this year, speculations have been rife about the success of this store in comparison to the already well-established and popular App Store from Apple. The N97 will be the first phone integrated into the service, with the remaining phones following when the system goes live in May.

We take a deeper look at the speculations and give you an insight into what’s in store for the end-user and beneficiary of what is clearly the big software battle between two giants.

First the similarities: Both Apple and Nokia offer a 70% revenue share to developers.

Differences: Apple began its App Store as a request from the public and developers to be allowed to develop products for the iPhone while Nokia is opening an application store to stream revenue into the company with a share of app sale prices, and to potentially push the sales of cellphones and smartphones.

Apple’s services are for a single handset, the iPhone; while Nokia’s is for dozens of different handsets with two different Symbian OS’s aboard. Continue reading “Nokia Ovi Store vs Apple App Store – an indepth comparison”

Nokia App Store is officially called as Ovi Store!

It’s got enough lime light more than a billion downloads and enough share of fame and critics choice. Here is Nokia’s attempt and breaking the groundbreaking software trend that won Apple a million hearts. Apple sold more handsets merely for their support of the App store.


Now Nokia have decided to take things in their stride and come this may Nokia are starting their own version which is going to be called the Ovi store. Continue reading “Nokia App Store is officially called as Ovi Store!”