The Nokia N8 Is Perfect, There, I Said It

If you’re a BMW car fan and you go ahead and buy a Mercedes Benz car because of one cool feature, then expect it to act like a BMW and get mad because it doesn’t, you’re an idiot. Stick to BMW, or accept the different approach. The same can be said about phones. You don’t buy a Blackberry and expect it to be 100% like an E71, you don’t get a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and blame it for not having the iPhone’s multitouch. Every brand has their strengths, their weaknesses, their approaches, their concepts, their target audience.

That’s why, my friends, the Nokia N8 is perfect. I know well enough to accept that it’s not perfect for me because I like physical keyboards and I want medical applications. It’s not perfect for the iPhone/iOS hundreds of thousands of apps afficionados. It’s not perfect for many. But that doesn’t mean “it’s not perfect period”. It is. For its target audience, for those who adhere to the Nokia approach, to the touchscreen-only build form factor, to the slowly growing Ovi Store, those who need top-notch multimedia playback and recording features, those who take a picture of everything and anything in their life. The N8 IS perfect.

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Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8

I was begging, swearing, crying and whatnot for Nokia to finally bring out a REAL successor to the holy Nokia N82 for a loooong Time. You know i love my N82. It’s what i call a real Photography Flagship. A fantastic 5 Megapixel Camera with Charlie Zeiss inside, and most importantly, a Xenon Flash. Maybe you read my Top 9 Phones in 2009 Post, over at my Thoughts from Hell Blog, to get the Idea where the Love comes. I still use it whenever i go on the Road and know i might be able to snap some quick Pictures. The N86 came out and i never even touched it. Why? Simple, not much Innovations. It was a prettified N85 with an 8MP Camera on Top, with a Dual LED Flash. On a so called Photography Flagship. I do know the N86 has made some pretty darn well Pictures, but i can’t go along with the Term “Flagship” on a Device that sports nothing really innovative. I only had my Hands on one shortly and never even thought about trialing one.

And then came the N8. Silently announced on Tuesday, April 27th, it raised a lot of Eyebrows with a Series of fantastic new Features and great Specs. And in my Opinion, it also looks great. My following Points are made entirely of what i saw on the Internet so far – I did not see the N8 in the wild so far. Continue reading “Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8”