Zomato adorns a social makeover with new UI and features

New Zomato for Android

Zomato has undergone a major revamp that makes the popular restaurant discovery guide more social. The food directory has added a new social layer which gives users personalised recommendations. For starters, the app has now added mandatory login either with Facebook or Google account. Prior to this users could skip the login process entirely unlike now. This also means that unregistered users can no longer make use of the database to view menus or reviews when searching for a new restaurant. Continue reading “Zomato adorns a social makeover with new UI and features”

Google reveals YouTube Capture app for the iPhone, iPod Touch

Google just launched a dedicated YouTube camera application for iOS users. Called YouTube Capture, the app lets you record and instantly share a video clip to YouTube right from within its interface. The video can also be shared on a range of mobile networks straight from the app itself.

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Nokia N8, The Initial List Of Fourteen Wins And Fails

The N8 (or Nate as I’m growing used to call it) is here. It’s been released, it’s shipping, and people all around the world are receiving their units. Finally, after too long a wait, I have an N8 in my hands, for a proper test and review. Following my “The N8 is Perfect, There, I said it” assertion, there really is very little I can say to top it up. Or can I?

The N8 landed in my hands 2 days ago, and while I still maintain that it IS the perfect handset for the photography and multimedia buffs, I had mentioned that it doesn’t target me, and I’m not particularly thrown towards buying one. So, over the last 48 hours, I’ve gone from awe to oh to ouch and back to awe several times with the N8 in my hands. Here is the compiled initial list of N8 wins and fails, in my book.

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10 Reasons The Nokia E5 Is The Best Affordable Social Smartphone

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in a discussion about raw power, stellar hardware specs, and the high-end smartphone market. But what many websites and analytics forget is that the vast majority of people, worldwide, want a decent mobile that can help them in their everyday life without punching a ginormous hole in their savings account. The Nokia E5 is one of the latest smartphones that falls into the affordable category, while still managing to cram enough features to appeal to the most social nutcase amongst us. Here are 10 reasons the E5 is a perfect social smartphone.

Admit it or not, the social butterfly lifestyle comes with a pre-requisite: texting, emailing, connecting, tweeting, IM’ing, posting, commenting,… and a lot of typing is required on almost every level. A decent qwerty like the one found on the E5 is a godsend for such cases, with nice tactile feedback, large keys, and even predictive text on the software side of things.

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