Nokia Maps for WP7 revealed in screenshots

The team have uncovered the placeholder listing for Nokia Maps on Windows Phone devices. The market place listing shows four screenshots for the new mapping solution being developed by Nokia.

The description reads as :

Nokia Maps helps you to be a local anywhere you go. See where you are and discover places nearby in a snap. Get reviews, uncover new destinations and reach them with smart routing for public transport, walking and driving.

Nokia’s mapping service is known to offer best in class offline turn-by-turn navigation for free. This is expected to be one of the key differentiators of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices from those made by other OEMs.

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Nokia launches Ovi Store with operator billing on Reliance

Nokia has launched it’s Ovi Application Store on Reliance’s Network with operator billing. This is the first time Ovi Store is getting such a payment option in India.

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Nokia OVI Suite Update: brings easier contacts sync fixes connectivity problems

Nokia betalabs released an update for Nokia OVI Suite. This New Nokia Ovi Suite update is now available for download in NokiaBetaLabs. This new version comes with simplified contacts sync and critical fixes to device connectivity in Nokia Ovi Suite. Continue reading “Nokia OVI Suite Update: brings easier contacts sync fixes connectivity problems”

Socially application for Nokia N8 allows user to sync their friends Facebook profile pics and birthdays

If you recently bought a Nokia N8, then you may need an application to sync with your Facebook friends information and pictures. If you want the app, then head over to Ovi Store and download the free application known as Socially. Socially is an app which allows Continue reading “Socially application for Nokia N8 allows user to sync their friends Facebook profile pics and birthdays”

Nokia N8, The Initial List Of Fourteen Wins And Fails

The N8 (or Nate as I’m growing used to call it) is here. It’s been released, it’s shipping, and people all around the world are receiving their units. Finally, after too long a wait, I have an N8 in my hands, for a proper test and review. Following my “The N8 is Perfect, There, I said it” assertion, there really is very little I can say to top it up. Or can I?

The N8 landed in my hands 2 days ago, and while I still maintain that it IS the perfect handset for the photography and multimedia buffs, I had mentioned that it doesn’t target me, and I’m not particularly thrown towards buying one. So, over the last 48 hours, I’ve gone from awe to oh to ouch and back to awe several times with the N8 in my hands. Here is the compiled initial list of N8 wins and fails, in my book.

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Why i think Nokia should “archive” most Ovi Services

Okay, so here I’m back with a little rant which is long overdue in my opinion. I was an Ovi User since Day 1. My Ovi Share Album is still filled with a ton of pictures, that i dont even have on my hard disk. Whenever I was on the Road, i took the Pics, uploaded them, ready for my loved ones to have a look at. But, after a huge site upate, share on Ovi got messed up and since is barely usable. After some weeks of exactly nothing happening, i decided to go for a Flickr Pro Account. Why? Simple, better integration with other OSes, much more Options, and an active developer scene, that helps making the experience better with numerous helpers, like Picnik, a great online picture editing tool.

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NokiaNav Navigation Challenge with Some Exotic Cars

Something Big is going to happen in London in the upcoming days. WomWorldNokia have been sending out some mysterious packages to friends in London. The folks who got the packages are

TheProdigalFool nechbi, itsnoel,macintosh , stobbsc

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OVI Maps Q&A Chat Session Summary

Recently Nokia made Turn by Turn Navigation completely free. Following the announcement FoneArena was invited to a Virtual Q&A Session with the OVI Maps Team . Arshia Varlet and Pino Bonetti whom we spoke to when in London as a part of the Good Things event were part of this Q&A
Interesting answers we got from the session
  • N900 will be added to the list of devices.
  • Ovi Maps uses 55% less data than Google Maps.
  • Nokia will never charge for Navigation again

Nokia to Offer Free Turn By Turn Navigation

In late 2009, Google announced that it would be giving free navigation on the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE in the North American region.

Now Nokia is also following Googles footsteps but at the same time taking it to the next level. Nokia is going to offer free turn by turn Navigation in 76 countries, in 46 languages and detailed maps for over 180 countries. Continue reading “Nokia to Offer Free Turn By Turn Navigation”

Nokia Event on Jan 21st in London , OVI Store Version 2 coming up ?

Nokia wants to share some big news about OVI on 21st Jan in London, UK . The event will feature Nokia Executive VP Anssi Vanjoki and Nokia UK GM  Mark Loughran.  What big OVI news can we expect from Nokia ? Continue reading “Nokia Event on Jan 21st in London , OVI Store Version 2 coming up ?”

Nokia Lifecasting – Broadcast your life now


Along with many services Nokia launched at the Nokia World 2009, one of the most interesting thing Nokia released was the Nokia Ovi Lifecasting.

It is basically an application which lets people publish their status updates, share photos etc directly onto their Facebook account along with their location with the help of Ovi Maps, right from the home screen of their phone.

However, the only devices that currently support Ovi Lifecasting are Nokia N97 and the new Nokia N97 Mini. So if you have a Nokia N97 or N97 Mini, rush now to download this application, since there is a limited entry for the beta testers of this exclusive application.

Here is a video preview of Ovi Lifecasting and how it works:


To know more about Ovi Lifecasting and How to Install it, check here.

So did you try Lifecasting? How is it? What can be done to make it better? Do Pass on your comments.

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta Updated

The Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta just got another update today.

What Things Have Changed?

  • Support during application installation. Just double click your device application (.jar, .sisx) in PC and you should be able to get your apps easily into the device.
  • Performance wise, a lot of work has been done on fixing the memory consumption problem and optimize the load times.
  • Lot of bug fixes including error in photos and music sync.

How to Update?

If you already have been using Ovi Suite 2.0 beta, you just have to invoke the application and then upgrade. However, if you are planning to use the Ovi Suite for the first time, you can download the 2.0 beta from here.