Titan EyePlus Smart Audio Sunglasses Musig X – Unboxing and First Impressions

Solutions to stereo wireless audio on-the-go have taken many forms before but this is the most comfortable unobtrusive solution I’ve used so far. You can not only escape the harsh light of the sun but the nagging feel of something on/in your ears as well, while still enjoying music/podcasts or answering calls. This is Titan Eyeplus’ first foray into the tech, with the Smart Audio Sunglasses Musig X, made by SkyFly in partnership with Mutrics and what you’ll be reading further is my first impressions of a fascinating new category in the world of wearables. Let’s go.

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Samsung Galaxy M20 Unboxing and First Impressions

The new M series from Samsung is all about addressing the needs of the Indian market. Our demographic is such that Samsung has decided to launch this series here first, starting with the M10 and the M20. We’d seen the first impressions of the Galaxy M10, now it’s the Galaxy M20’s turn. This device, at a great starting price of Rs. 10,990 (3/32) and Rs. 12,990 (4/64), aims to compete in the most hotly contested smartphone segment in our country. I was lucky enough to test the device just before launch and here are my first impressions.

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Samsung Galaxy M10 Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung has been teasing the new M series on social media for a while now. It is a global series of devices that is launching first in India, and is specifically “Made for India”. Well the soft launch has happened today and we have two new devices in the market, the Galaxy M10 and the Galaxy M20. These devices are entirely focused on the mid range segment, which is the most hotly contested in India, no doubt. Aimed at “Millennials”, which I think is a code-word for high-demand expectations when it comes to value for money, how well do these devices cater? I’ve been lucky enough to try them before launch. At Rs. 7,990 (2/16) and Rs. 8,990 (3/32), the Galaxy M10 is the cheaper of the two, here are my first impressions.

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XOLO Era 4X 2GB Unboxing and First Impressions

XOLO made a comeback recently to announce two new devices in New Delhi, targeting the budget segment of the smartphone market. The XOLO Era 4X which has an HD+ display and a front facing flash, along with some AI bokeh features, starts at Rs. 4,444 for the 1 GB RAM variant while the 2 GB RAM variant comes with an additional Face unlock feature. I had went hands on with it at the event and now the 2 GB RAM variant has arrived for testing and here are my first impressions.

Additional reading – What XOLO’s comeback tells us about Indian manufacturers

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Honor View20 Unboxing and First Impressions

Huawei is one of the few companies in the world apart from Apple and Samsung to have their phone’s system on chips made in-house. This means a lot of things but most importantly, the research and development to do something new requires lesser time compared to the competition. The result of this advantage is that the Honor View 20 carries a lot of world’s-first, but soon common-2019 features. Launching globally on the 22nd of January and in India on the 29th, the View 20 not only aims to be 2019’s first 2019-phone but also be the most valuable mid range flagship. Continue reading “Honor View20 Unboxing and First Impressions”

A week with the “beautiful” Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5_fonearena-15Meizu, creators of the popular MX series of devices in China, unveiled their latest premium flagship device a week back in China. At the tightly well-presented event, equipped with high resolution projectors, we were shown beautiful images of the MX5. Usually, the real deal is underwhelming compared to its more-than-perfect renders, but this time it was different. The Meizu MX5 was as beautiful as its renders, and consistently stands out from other slabs with its beautifully crafted design which is familiar, yet unique in execution. After a week with the MX5, here are our initial impressions of this beautiful device.


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HTC One M9 Hands On and First Impressions


The HTC One M9 has finally been made official here at a separate press event in Barcelona, just ahead of the Mobile World Congress. For HTC, the event is not just about the One M9, it’s about a bold new step they are taking, by revisiting their roots as a partner-company. But at the same time, the Taiwanese manufacturer is not letting its guard down in the smartphone space, which is slowly starting to get saturated with lack of useful innovation or differentiation. So, HTC has chosen to evolve its flagship in the most sensible way, by fixing the major flaws of its previous year’s flagship, and then some more.

All you need to know about the new HTC One M9, in this video


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Xiaomi Mi Note: First Impressions

Xiaomi Mi Note_fonearena-06

The Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro were announced, a month back, in China. These two devices occupy Xiaomi’s phablet range, a category that was kickstarted at the lower end with the Redmi Note. Samsung used this suffix to denote the inclusion of a stylus, but for Xiaomi, it means only one thing, a larger screened version of a similar device. The Mi Note is positioned as the larger screened variant of the current flagship device, Mi 4. With similar hardware and design, it certainly is a phablet variant of the flagship, but could it possibly be more than just that? We unboxed the device to find out.


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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing and First Impressions


The leaks were prophetic, indeed. While most of us were dismissive of a phablet-sized iPhone, Apple proved us wrong by announcing one, the iPhone 6 Plus, along with the iPhone 6, the comparatively moderately sized flagship. This is clear admission to the fact that there is market demand for such devices and surely, a lot of people, including us, here at Fonearena, like large screens. But there are other subtle differences between the 6 and the 6 Plus like the addition of optical image stabilization to the camera and naturally, a bigger battery occupying the larger chassis. Being the first phablet from Cupertino, we were really excited to check it out, so we shot an unboxing video, check past the break for our first impressions –


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Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing and First Impressions


For the first time ever in the history of iPhones, Apple had forgone its “one size fits all” policy and released two different screen sizes for its flagship device. The iPhone 6 is the moderately sized variant, while 6 Plus is the Apple phablet we’ve been waiting for. We’ve got both the phones with us right now, so naturally, the first order of business is to unbox them. First up is the smaller iPhone 6 with its 4.7″ display, a new thinner design and souped up internals, finally giving us more screen real estate, and also playing catch up with the rest of the world. Watch the unboxing video and check past the break for our first impressions of Apple’s latest flagship –


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Spice Dream UNO Android One Phone Unboxing and First Impressions


It’s Android One day today and we’ve got one of the first smartphones from the program with us, the Spice Dream UNO. Spice was one of the three manufacturers chosen for the program announced at the Google’s IO conference back in June. The Indian manufacturer, along with fellow competitors Micromax and Karbonn, has launched its first Android One device today, with a lot of support from Google. The Dream UNO, which is based off a strict chassis mandated by Google has its chipset powered by MediaTek and has almost the same specifications as the other phones that launched today. Priced at Rs. 6,299, the Dream Uno fulfills the idea of Android One, an affordable high quality device with stock Android that’s set to receive updates as fast as Google delivers them, so how is the device? We captured the unboxing and the first impressions of the device in a video –


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Xiaomi Mi Pad Hands on and First Impressions

Xiaomi MiPad-3

If there was one product at the Xiaomi India launch event we’d have really wanted announced for the Indian market, it’d be the Mi Pad. Launched just a couple of months back, the tablet with a 7.9 inch 20148×1536 screen resembles a lot of the iPad mini. The form factor, the size and even the UI pretty much gives the fact away that Xiaomi has its cross hairs squarely aimed at the iPad, and is not afraid to show it. Sporting a really powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset on the inside, the mini tablet claims to be really fast and powerful, but will be available at a price lesser than what the iPad mini with a retina display is selling for. The 16 GB version sells for approximately 14k INR, which is about half the price of the retina-display iPad mini. With that said, we were really interested to check the device out in person, so here is a quick hands on video we made from the event, to see what the device is like –


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Xolo Q3000 Unboxing and First Impressions


The Xolo Q3000 is the first device from the company to incorporate a full HD 1080p screen. Yes, it took a while for Xolo to do that, as we saw the 5.5 inch Q2000 sporting a 720p screen even when it had the MT6589 Turbo inside. But with the Q3000, Xolo has its first 5.7″ device as well as its first 1080p phone, so we felt it would be pretty interesting to check this phone out. So, here you go, the unboxing video of the Q3000 where we will show you the box contents and a quick overview of the phone itself –


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Nokia Lumia 1520 Unboxing and First Impressions

nokia-lumia-1520-unboxing-11Nokia Lumia 1520 Unboxing

The Nokia Lumia 1520 just launched a couple of days back in India for a price of Rs. 46,999/- after launching internationally in Abu Dhabi back in October. Being the company’s first phablet sized device with a 6 inch 1080p screen, it also naturally is the first Windows Phone with a full HD resolution and quad core innards. With these specs and more, the platform finally comes to parity with Android in the mobile space, at least in the hardware department. Software too has seen small changes with an additional column, upping the information density to a higher level than before. We have got the Indian retail unit with us now, so we went ahead and unboxed it for you –


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HTC Butterfly S Unboxing


The HTC Butterfly S is currently one of the costliest phones available in India. It is even costlier than the already costly Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Launched in India on September 4th with a hefty price tag of Rs. 52,428, the Butterfly S has finally landed in our labs for some extensive testing. We were surprised to see the box was actually from Hong Kong, so we took the box in front of a camera and unboxed it right away. Watch the video below and go past the break for more information on the box contents and a few initial impressions of the device.


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