Now all Tesla cars to come with full self-driving hardware


Elon Musk, Tesla founder has announced that all Tesla vehicles produced in its factory including Model 3 will feature the hardware needed for full self-driving capability. Continue reading “Now all Tesla cars to come with full self-driving hardware”

Jolla to restructure its debt and cut jobs due to stalling of funds

Jolla logo

Jolla, the Finnish mobile startup is facing financial issues and is apparently planning to restructure its debt and cut jobs.

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HP to reportedly split in two companies

Hewlet-Packard (HP) is splitting in two companies, according to a latest report from Th Wall Street Journal. The company will be divided in two entities, one focusing on the business of personal computers and printers and the other on enterprise hardware and services.

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Nokia Lumia 525 Unboxing


The Nokia Lumia 525 was announced a while back, with the sole intention of removing the 512 MB RAM limit that barred the original Lumia 520 from getting all the games and apps on the Windows Phone store. This is very similar to the 256 MB limit some of the devices had on Windows Phone 7.5, so Nokia made a quick revision by upping the RAM on the 520 and releasing it as the Lumia 525. This is, by no means, a generational successor to the 520, rather just a minor upgrade to the already popular best seller. We just got the retail version in India, which costs Rs. 10,400, as announced, so of course, we bring you the unboxing to see what’s in the box, and a quick hardware overview.


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Jolla’s Sailfish OS now fully compatible with Android apps and Android hardware


Seen as a major move from a small, yet significant new player in the mobile industry, Finalnd’s Jolla(pronounced as yo-la) announced today that the Sailfish OS is now fully compatible with Android apps as well as Android hardware. It was already confirmed that Sailfish would run Android apps, but the question was when. Now we know.

Taking advantage of the already robust and immensely popular Android ecosystem is what Jolla have done, on top of the unique UX the Sailfish OS offers. Not only you can download popular Android apps on the Sailfish OS, which Jolla claims, is without any modifications, the operating system is also Android hardware compatible. Meaning Vendors can take Sailfish OS and make devices with their current Android-based hardware implementations. Or one day, you can possibly load Sailfish on your Android phone, if you wish.

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Nokia N8 Review Week – The Wrap Up

When we set out to write the Nokia N8 review on FoneArena, we wanted to bring you a diverse, all-encompassing, balanced opinion of the first Symbian^3 device and the long time coming imaging flagship from the Finnish manufacturer. We were lucky to have had review units sent to many of our team members and that’s how, all throughout last week, we took you through a full Nokia N8 review from 6 different writers, each one discussing a certain aspect of it.Our team members in India, USA, UK , Europe and Middle-East contributed to this review.

We all hope you enjoyed the way we handled this review and plan to bring you more of the same in the future. I will be wrapping it up today and sharing some pros and cons, based on our previous coverage of the device, so that you can decide for yourself.

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LG Optimus GT540 Review: Hardware

A few days ago we had the LG Optimus arrive at our office for review and we even had an unboxing of the LG Optimus.

The LG Optimus is an inexpensive Android offering from LG, designed to fit into that sweet spot of sub 15k price point. This after all the spot at which the smartphone market starts looking competitive, very much like the 600cc engine segment in motorcycles. At this point one expects almost everything – smartphone OS, big camera, touchscreen/QWERTY, WiFi, GPS, etc. Continue reading “LG Optimus GT540 Review: Hardware”

80 Photos Of The Nokia N8 By The Nokia N8

If you thought “Geek Art” stopped at only piling up Nokia N8s inside each other, then think again. When you have a Nokia N8 in your hands, you realize two things simultaneously: 1. the hardware and design are like nothing by any other manufacturer currently, magnificently well built, and 2. the camera is astonishing, for landscapes, everyday shots, and specifically macro shots. It’s only when you add these two revelations together that you wish you could take a photo of the N8 with the N8, because no other device could capture this much details, and no other device is this beautiful.

Fortunately, if you have two N8s (even for the short period of time that I had them), you are blessed with the amazing opportunity of doing just that: taking a photo gallery of one N8 with another N8. Inverse and repeat.

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Nokia N8, The Initial List Of Fourteen Wins And Fails

The N8 (or Nate as I’m growing used to call it) is here. It’s been released, it’s shipping, and people all around the world are receiving their units. Finally, after too long a wait, I have an N8 in my hands, for a proper test and review. Following my “The N8 is Perfect, There, I said it” assertion, there really is very little I can say to top it up. Or can I?

The N8 landed in my hands 2 days ago, and while I still maintain that it IS the perfect handset for the photography and multimedia buffs, I had mentioned that it doesn’t target me, and I’m not particularly thrown towards buying one. So, over the last 48 hours, I’ve gone from awe to oh to ouch and back to awe several times with the N8 in my hands. Here is the compiled initial list of N8 wins and fails, in my book.

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Nokia 6700 Slide Gallery, Out In The Nature

After unboxing the Nokia 6700 Slide, we were so much in love with its build quality and aluminum finish that gives it a classy elegant but simple look, that we decided to take it out in the wild for a short photo-shoot session. Here is the result.

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Hardware Overview : How Tiny is the Nokia N97 Mini ?


While we are playing with the Nokia N97 Mini we thought of giving you an overview of the hardware with a photo gallery where we take you through the key hardware aspects of the phone

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