Ridiculously Awesome: Your Phone As A Vuvuzela

You know the WorldCup, don’t you? Errr not that worldcup, the Football WorldCup! Well, if you watched only one second of any match, you must have noticed a weird annoying sound: that’s the Vuvuzela! Apparently, in South Africa, they can’t play football without that sound. Overly disturbing, isn’t it?

Well, the Vuvuzela seems to be all the rage nowadays and you have got to admit that after a couple of matches with its incessant sound in the background, you kind of, sort of, mildly, unconsciously get used to it. So not to be left behind, developers have jumped on the window of opportunity and started producing one Vuvuzela app after the other. I guess the age of fart apps and other bodily sounds is over. Too bad.

Anyway, there’s plenty of Vuvuzela apps in the Apple App Store as well as the Ovi Store. If you’re becoming too addicted to that monotone sound, just search your application store for “Vuvuzela” and you’ll probably find one (if not many) to help you get through those long, long hours when there is no match being played and your craving is overwhelming you.

But here’s the kicker, the ultimate FoneArena advice:

If you have a speaker around, be it portable or a good regular speaker, just hook your phone to it, for the ultimate Vuvuzela experience. Seriously. We tried it. We even shot a video, with the FoneArena fade-in and out, all serious and such. Here it is, showing the free MMMOOO Vuvuzela app from the Ovi Store (you can even change its color, and press several times to simulate multiple simultaneous Vuvuzelas!) running on my N97 Mini hooked to the Nokia MD-8 Mini Speaker. Enjoy, ehm, I guess.