10 Reasons The Nokia E5 Is The Best Affordable Social Smartphone

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in a discussion about raw power, stellar hardware specs, and the high-end smartphone market. But what many websites and analytics forget is that the vast majority of people, worldwide, want a decent mobile that can help them in their everyday life without punching a ginormous hole in their savings account. The Nokia E5 is one of the latest smartphones that falls into the affordable category, while still managing to cram enough features to appeal to the most social nutcase amongst us. Here are 10 reasons the E5 is a perfect social smartphone.

Admit it or not, the social butterfly lifestyle comes with a pre-requisite: texting, emailing, connecting, tweeting, IM’ing, posting, commenting,… and a lot of typing is required on almost every level. A decent qwerty like the one found on the E5 is a godsend for such cases, with nice tactile feedback, large keys, and even predictive text on the software side of things.

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MidRange Battle: Nokia E5 vs C5 Specs Comparison And Picture Gallery

The Nokia C5 and E5 are part of the relatively new Nokia line-up of devices, after the naming convention change. Both are middle class in their series, with the C5 being more a classic phone, and the E5 more an Enterprise phone, with a full QWERTY keyboard. Despite belonging to two different categories, both bare a striking resemblance, design-wise, hardware-wise, and software-wise.

On a hardware basis, the C5 has a 2.2″ transmissive screen at a 240×320 resolution with 24bit colors. It has a total volume of 56.2cc and weighs about 89g, with a 600 MHz processor and a 1050 mAh battery that can be charged both by the regular charger and microUSB. The connectivity options are limited to Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and HSUPA, with no Wi-Fi on board. Storage-wise, it has 50MB of internal memory, 128MB of RAM, and comes with a 2GB hot-swappable microSD. As for the camera, it’s a 3.2MP EDoF camera.

The E5, on the other hand, has a larger 2.4″ transmissive screen at a 320×240 resolution with only 18bit colors. It weighs much more at 126g and has a larger volume of 75cc. It features quick access to a torch and a bluetooth toggle, and has a dedicated Messaging button. It also comes with a 600MHz processor and a much optimized 1200 mAh battery that can also be charged by a regular 3-pin or microUSB. Its connectivity options are the same as the C5, but it adds support for WiFi. As for storage, it has a whopping 250MB of internal memory, 256MB of RAM which should both guarantee a problem-free usage, and a 2GB non hot-swappable microSD. It has a 5MP EDoF camera. Continue reading “MidRange Battle: Nokia E5 vs C5 Specs Comparison And Picture Gallery”

Nokia E5 Launched in India for Rs.12699

nokia e5 india

Nokia has launched the much awaited E5 in India yesterday. The E5 was announced along with the C3 and C6 few months back. The E5 is a mid-range QWERTY phone and comes with a 5 MP Camera . It features plenty of Connectivity options including 3G, WiFi , Bluetooth and specs indicate a GSM Talktime of 13 hours . Continue reading “Nokia E5 Launched in India for Rs.12699”

QWERTY Battle: E5, E71, E72 Extensive Table & Pictures Comparison

The Nokia E71 was (and still is, in many person’s opinions) the king of candybar QWERTYs from Nokia & Symbian. But the E71 is now 2 years old and has been replaced by a new iteration, the Nokia E72, and surprisingly another design, the E5. From the looks of it, the E5 is to the E72 what the E63 was to the E71 (no, this isn’t an IQ test question), a cheaper version that compromises on some aspects while still trying to retain the charming points of the original.

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Nokia E5 hitting stores in India this month ?

Looks like the Nokia E5 might finally be available in stores later this month according to the tweet by Noki India on twitter. One of our friends Suyog asked Nokia India on twitter about the E5 India launch date and he got a reply that the “E5 should be in stores later this month”

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Nokia E5 Hardware Tour Gallery

We recently got our hands on the Nokia E5, Nokia’s latest Eseries device after the E72. The E5 came alone in an envelope, so we couldn’t really unbox it, but we’ve taken it for a spin to show it to you from all angles.

The E5 bares a lot of resemblance, hardware-wise and specs-wise with the Nokia E72. It’s a candybar qwerty, and anyone who has used an E71 or E72 will find himself at home with the qwerty keyboard. It’s the same texture as both of its predecessors, with the same rounded keys, and a nice feedback to them. On top of it is a 2.4″ screen, 256k colors, with a light sensor and the ear piece.

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Nokia E5 is official, E63 Successor with 18.5 hours talkime

The Nokia E5 was just announced and we just learnt that it’s a successor to the Nokia E63. It’s a Business phone powered by Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP2. the phone packs a 320×240 display and measures 115 mm x 58.9 mm x 12.8 mm. It weighs 126 gms and has a nice metallic finish on the rear. Continue reading “Nokia E5 is official, E63 Successor with 18.5 hours talkime”