Nokia 808 Pureview gets a price tag of Rs.33899 on Nokia Store few hours before India launch

nokia pureview india price
The folks at have just posted that the Nokia 808 PureView has got a new price tag of Rs.33899 on the Nokia Store with an unconfirmed MRP of Rs.34999. The 808 PureView packs a whopping 41 Megapixel Camera sensor with a Xenon flash and capable for recording 1080p videos.From the little time , I have had with the device since Mobile World Congress, CTIA and Nokia India events , I totally want one as I have owned the Nokia N82, N86 8MP and the N8. The PureView is a must have if you are camera phone freak like me. Only thing which is not so fancy about the PureView is the Symbian OS but then that is the OS which has good image processing capabilities.


This awesome Camera also with a phone will be launched today in India  . We should some more news from Nokia India later today but for now you at least know what to expect.Considering the current dollar levels , the pricing is actually justifiable. The Nokia Store currently does not have the device in stock but users can pre-order the device.


FoneArena Nokia PureView Unboxing

Author: Varun Krish

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