Purple Sony Xperia Z Photo Gallery


You might have seen the Sony Xperia Z in the ads recently, and wondered why the purple one looks so unlike reality? Well, it’s rendered in CG and hence all you see are just fake reflections and colours. If you had read our Xperia Z review, you would know why we liked the waterproof aspect of this phone. We already had done a photo gallery too, but alas it was the white version. So, to show you the brilliant purple Xperia Z in its full “real” glory, we decided to take it out and give it a good look in front of our cameras. Bonus is a special video at the end, don’t forget to watch it!

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Nokia PureView 808 purple tint issue to be fixed via SW Update

Over at Nokia’s support forums, a statement has been put up regarding the much reported purple tint issue on the the 808 PureView’s display. In fact our very own unit initially faced this problem before being replaced. The screen sporadically takes a very prominent purple tint when exposed to bright sunlight or in a very dark room.

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