Nokia Lumia 1020 Leather Case Hands On


Amongst the many accessories that Nokia launched along with the Lumia 1020, like the Wireless charging shell and the Camera Grip we already went hands on with, there was another limited edition accessory that made its way into the list, albeit very silently for any one to notice. And that accessory, as revealed by our friends at the PureViewClub is the Limited Edition Leather Case for the 41 Megapixel Lumia. We were in Hong Kong recently, and were really lucky to get our hands on it. So, here’s a photo walkthrough of the case, with our hands on impressions.

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Nokia Lumia 1020: What we know till now


The long wait is finally coming to an end, with today’s launch of the much expected and awaited camera flagship from Nokia. Ever since the Nokia 808 launched in February 2012, the device has been unanimously praised as the world’s best camera on a phone, and it has stayed true even now. Efforts to dethrone the 808 have been unsuccessful till now, even with Nokia’s other PureView’s cameras, but that was not really their notion anyway. The Nokia 808 PureView phase I, it was called, once the Nokia Lumia 920 released with other capabilities, which was denoted as PureView phase II. Reported claims of specifications, images, hardware shots, accessories have all leaked out to the internet way before the device has even officially launched. So, what do we know about it till now? Find out all the details below.

UPDATE: AT&T just outed 3 promo videos


Looks like the camera UI is much better than what we had imagined, anyway read on for more videos below.

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Nokia EOS 41MP PureView body in metal, or a 5.3 inch phablet?


Remember the last time when the Nokia EOS and its circular 41 MP camera hump leaked out? It looked a lot like the Lumia 920 with a polycarbonate body that time, but there is yet another leak, and from the looks of it, it’s from the shady factories in China. The above two images literally show off a metallic body for the highly awaited Nokia EOS device to be launched by Nokia at an event in NYC on July 11th. The metallic body is a surprise as the device was already shown off in a polycarbonate body, but from what we can see above, the metallic body seems like an option as a part of the different colours, or at least we hope.

Update: The device in the images above seems to be unnaturally long, especially when you note the openings for the controls on the right. Is this actually a Nokia phablet we are looking at?

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More images of the 41 MP Nokia EOS pop up, lets speculate!

Nokia EOS camera

It was February 2012, good year after the big announcement when Nokia bid a huge farewell to Symbian in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView launch at MWC. While it lost a legacy, the company actually solidified and stretched its R&D superiority in smartphone cameras. Building on the Lumia 920’s anti-shake merits, Nokia plans to do a repeat of the earlier success, but now with its main strategic flagship OS, Windows Phone. That said, we had just witnessed a barrage of leaks regarding the successor to the Nokia 808, called the Nokia EOS(a codename) PureView, with its circular camera facade housing the purported 41 MP sensor. Unsurprisingly, more images have now leaked, that add more credibility to the earlier rumour. Lets discuss and speculate with the new leaked images then.

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Red Nokia 808 PureView Photo Gallery

We bet that most of you are still in awe of the Nokia 808 PureView. The mind boggling Megapixel count is still making us wonder whether we are imagining as well.

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