Facebook Instant Articles are now available for all Android users

Facebook is finally rolling out Instant Articles to all Android users globally. Available on iOS since October this year, Instant Articles were being tested on a group of Android users last month.

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MWC: A week with the Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Charcoal Black_fonearena-02

The handset might have already been replaced but Samsung’s first curved edge smartphone – the Galaxy Note Edge – still has some uses. Sharing the same internals as the Galaxy Note 4, the Note Edge is a powerhouse capable of performing lots of tasks and armed with a 3000 mAh battery to power you through the day. Continue reading “MWC: A week with the Galaxy Note Edge”

MWC: A week with Vodafone Eurotraveller


Just over a week ago we were in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2015 and, as I have done for many years now, I used my Vodafone SIM card with EuroTraveller to provide me data whilst on the ground. It’s been a year since we were last in MWC and in that time, Vodafone have introduced 4G Roaming in Spain alongside double speed 4G across their European network.

Traditionally Barcelona has really poor mobile data speeds (whether using a local SIM or roaming) during the MWC week as 90,000+ people descend upon the city for the annual conference. Ahead of the trip, I expected the traditional data coverage and speeds issues with previous years suggesting large ping times, really slow speeds and overall, a lack of reliable data. Yet, a week in Barcelona changed those preconceptions… Continue reading “MWC: A week with Vodafone Eurotraveller”

Google Nexus 5 Display Comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One and LG G2

Google launched their latest flagship smartphone – Google Nexus 5 and like most flagships of the later half of 2013, it is equipped with a Full HD display and is powered by Snapdragon 800 SoC. The 720p HD display on the yesteryear flagship – Google Nexus 4 definitely wasn’t the best display we have seen and we are going to see if things got better atleast in the Google Nexus 5. Google Nexus 4 was made by LG and it was based on their Optimus G smartphone and the trend continued this year as Google Nexus 5 is based on LG G2 and is manufactured by LG.

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Google Places API brings out Autocomplete for better predictions

google places

Google as a part of improving their continuing effort to help 3rd party developers, has brought out Google Places Autocomplete to make things easier for developers to add location awareness to their applications. What does this mean for developers? Well, by adding location-awareness to your application it bring tons of value and joy to the users. The Places API Autocomplete service, a feature of Google Places API and the Google Maps API v3’s Places Library, brings the same type-ahead-search technology from Google Maps to third party apps, helping you soothe some of the users’ address entry frustration. Continue reading “Google Places API brings out Autocomplete for better predictions”

5 N9 “Novelties” Nokia Should Keep, And 2 It Should Kill

Over the past year, a lot has been said in regards to the Nokia N9 and Meego’s future, be it in Nokia’s portfolio or with other manufacturers. We all don’t really know what the future holds, but after a couple of weeks with the N9, a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow using it, there are some Nokia N9 ideas that I think are worth having in other devices _ Meego, Windows Phone, S40, Symbian, or whatever the future Nokia devices will run _ and some others that I believe should be locked away in a drawer for all eternity. I’ll take the liberty of loosely calling these ideas “novelties” even though some of them aren’t exactly new to Nokia or the mobile industry as whole, but these have mostly been made more prominent with the N9.

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Nokia E7 Griefs Shed A Light On Some Important Symbian Glitches

Over the past 4 years and more than 40 review and trial phones that have passed  in my hands, there are barely a few experiences I can count as terrible. One of the most recent ones though occurred just a couple of weeks ago and it made me see things in a different perspective. See, my luck had it that I received a faulty Nokia E7 unit, which had software glitches from the first time I turned it on and then hardware issues as well. While this was bound to happen, as there will always be that one unit that runs away from quality control in production plants, it isn’t the problems that arose that annoyed me, but the fact that Symbian’s only way of fixing them was Restoring and starting from scratch.

Here is a recount of my adventures with the Nokia E7 and the glitches I started noticing as I went along battling it to get it to a working state.

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Nokia Conversations – Demystifying 3G for the consumer

FoneArena was invited by Nokia India to a industry event called the Nokia Conversations which discusses various topics like issues and key developments in the telecom industry with the expert panel. The theme for the 6th Nokia Conversations was ‘Demystifying 3G for the consumer’ and it is was held in partnership with NDTV Profit. 3G is getting more popular in India and various operators rolling out the 3G services for their customers. Continue reading “Nokia Conversations – Demystifying 3G for the consumer”

A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!

(image courtesy flickr user korosirego)

Man, what an #epic #win year it’s been for Apple! Poor-antenna-PR aside, pretty much everything the folks from Cupertino launched hit gold in 2010, whether it was the refreshed take on the iPods or the iPhone or the all new iPad, which spawned an almost dysenteric flow of Android tablets for the rest of the year! Not to forget the impossibly thin(ner) MacBook Air, which points to the future of how Apple notebooks will be. Think about it – a Jan. 27 iPad announcement, then the April 8 iOS 4 preview followed by the June 7 WWDC launch of the iPhone 4, and then the Sept. 1 iPod updates and finally…closing out the year with the Oct. 20 ‘Back to the Mac’ announcements! Phew! Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!”

The Mobile OS King: Android

There is a champ in every field, and in mobile operating systems, Android OS is the true champion. In 2008, Google launched the first Android powered phone, the G1 a.k.a known as HTC Dream. And now after 2 years, Google Android is the most favorite mobile Continue reading “The Mobile OS King: Android”

Have you heard of BlackBerry Messenger Contacts getting swapped?

I have two friends who are users of BlackBerry devices, X and N. X is staying here in Mumbai and N is in Ahmedabad and both know each other and are friends. Day before yesterday my friend, X decided to transfer music on his phone and for the same connected it to his PC using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. At that time he was told that there were updates available for his device – the 8520. Continue reading “Have you heard of BlackBerry Messenger Contacts getting swapped?”

Convert your iPad WiFi into iPad 3G sans GPS

Did you regret on purchasing iPad WiFi and do you feel left out when you are not in WiFi hotspot. Ya, I too have the same feeling as I was one of the early adopter and at that time only iPad WiFi was available.Here I will be discussing about three different ways to convert your iPad WiFi into 3G enabled iPad. Continue reading “Convert your iPad WiFi into iPad 3G sans GPS”

Why i think Nokia should “archive” most Ovi Services

Okay, so here I’m back with a little rant which is long overdue in my opinion. I was an Ovi User since Day 1. My Ovi Share Album is still filled with a ton of pictures, that i dont even have on my hard disk. Whenever I was on the Road, i took the Pics, uploaded them, ready for my loved ones to have a look at. But, after a huge site upate, share on Ovi got messed up and since is barely usable. After some weeks of exactly nothing happening, i decided to go for a Flickr Pro Account. Why? Simple, better integration with other OSes, much more Options, and an active developer scene, that helps making the experience better with numerous helpers, like Picnik, a great online picture editing tool.

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How to install Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your iPhone

iPhone, the only phone I have  been using for 2 years and will use it in future also. I have never used an android before and don’t understand why it’s after iOS and all the hype surrounded to it, so enough is enough I decided to try out Android before purchasing any Android device. Continue reading “How to install Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your iPhone”