A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!

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Man, what an #epic #win year it’s been for Apple! Poor-antenna-PR aside, pretty much everything the folks from Cupertino launched hit gold in 2010, whether it was the refreshed take on the iPods or the iPhone or the all new iPad, which spawned an almost dysenteric flow of Android tablets for the rest of the year! Not to forget the impossibly thin(ner) MacBook Air, which points to the future of how Apple notebooks will be. Think about it – a Jan. 27 iPad announcement, then the April 8 iOS 4 preview followed by the June 7 WWDC launch of the iPhone 4, and then the Sept. 1 iPod updates and finally…closing out the year with the Oct. 20 ‘Back to the Mac’ announcements! Phew! Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!”

A Byte of Apple : 2010 iPods Reviewed!

Spot poll: Who doesn’t like some new gear, especially when the new pieces of bling sport the bitten fruit logo ‘round the back? This week, A Byte of Apple takes a long hard look (see our Exclusive Photo gallery as well) at the 2010 lineup of iPods – the nano, the touch and the shuffle – and this what we came back with. If you’ve been putting off the decision to pick one of these babies up, this should seal the deal for you! Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : 2010 iPods Reviewed!”

Huawei IDEOS with Google Android 2.2 at USD 100-200 Price Band

IFA , Berlin

Huawei has launched a new Android Phone called the IDEOS running on Froyo or Android 2.2. The phone has been developed in partnership with Google and would be released  in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.The company is aiming to redefine the meaning of an entry level smartphone  with the IDEOS. The phone would be priced between $100-$200 depending on the market.

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