Google Play gets app update prompt tool for timely updates

Google has introduced a new tool to prompt users to update their apps for a better experience. Play Console’s recovery tools enable you to prompt users running specific app versions to update whenever they restart the app. Continue reading “Google Play gets app update prompt tool for timely updates”

Google Places API brings out Autocomplete for better predictions

google places

Google as a part of improving their continuing effort to help 3rd party developers, has brought out Google Places Autocomplete to make things easier for developers to add location awareness to their applications. What does this mean for developers? Well, by adding location-awareness to your application it bring tons of value and joy to the users. The Places API Autocomplete service, a feature of Google Places API and the Google Maps API v3’s Places Library, brings the same type-ahead-search technology from Google Maps to third party apps, helping you soothe some of the users’ address entry frustration. Continue reading “Google Places API brings out Autocomplete for better predictions”

Half a milion apps sold on the Android market.

The Android Market surpassed 500,000 applications in the month of September. Although more that 37% of submissions have been taken out over the course time for an assortment of excuses, the Android Market transcended 500,000 issued  applications last month as recorded by a mobile app market intelligence firm research2guidance. This firm also stated that the Apple’s App Store has had more than 600,000 bestselling  submissions till date having 24% of apps have been removed. This is what the firm had to say – “Although Apple regularly cleans up its store from inappropriate or outdated content, its active application share still exceeds that of Android,”  it also stated about Apple – “It is likely that the more rigid application submission requirements prevent developers from publishing multiple trial or low quality applications whereas publishers in the Android Market place a lot of market testing, trials, demo and malware content.” 

Continue reading “Half a milion apps sold on the Android market.”