Jolla’s Sailfish OS becomes the operating system of Russian Government


Jolla Ltd. announced the acceptance of their mobile operating system Sailfish OS by the Russian Government From now on, the Sailfish OS will be the only mobile OS used in the Russian government and their corporation’s upcoming mobile device projects. Continue reading “Jolla’s Sailfish OS becomes the operating system of Russian Government”

The Mobile OS King: Android

There is a champ in every field, and in mobile operating systems, Android OS is the true champion. In 2008, Google launched the first Android powered phone, the G1 a.k.a known as HTC Dream. And now after 2 years, Google Android is the most favorite mobile Continue reading “The Mobile OS King: Android”

Windows Mobile – In trouble?

Recent acquisition of Symbian has created quite a stir in the ever increasing market of Mobile Operating Systems. Symbian OS accounts for 60 percent of the converged mobile device segment, but has been loosing share lately. This has been largely to Windows Mobile and Linux.

Symbian has largely been controlled by Nokia. And it seems pretty odd, other phone manufacturer’s paying large sum of money going into the hands of a competitor.But this will all change with the Symbian foundation. How much? Only time will tell.

Google is about to unleash linux-based Android pretty soon on Motorola handsets. So this means putting additional pressure on Windows Mobile, which charges heavy on licensing fees. Continue reading “Windows Mobile – In trouble?”

Windows Mobile 7 Coming

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 is a well accepted and appreciated OS in the Smart phone and PDA segment. The company is facing competition from Blackberry and Apple iPhone especially in the US smart phone market.
Microsoft is now developing Windows Mobile 7.

Windows_Mobile_7.jpg Continue reading “Windows Mobile 7 Coming”