Nokia World 2011 – Five steps to do it right!

I have been a supporter of Nokia ever since i have started using mobile phones. I guess everyone knows about the enormous downswing Nokia has experienced the last couple of years, when they basically slept when every trend was born and then tried to keep up with some rather unspectacular attempts. Even the current crop of Symbian phones can not keep up with the pace of the mobile world. Those may be harsh words, but it is as it is, and I am saying this as a long time supporter. However, the absolut lowest point in Nokia’s history was reached at the infamous February 11 keynote. Not because of the Windows Phone/Microsoft partnership announcement, it’s more the way that everything about that keynote felt last minute. Poorly executed. Poorly communicated. Poorly translated by media and blogs. And then an even worse follow-up. The end of Nokia predictions and announcements have been following, as usual. Of course, every one with an IQ higher than a glass of mustard did not buy into this, without even seeing it all play out. Average Joe on the street however, will believe those reports, and will stop buying Nokia phones because of this and that .. that is, if he didn’t jump ship already!


Nokia World 2011 is just around the corner and since I can’t make it this year, I thought I at least wanna send some hopes and wishes in Nokia’s directions. I feel like this year’s Nokia World is a very important, if not THE most important one in history, simply because there’s so much at stake. If done right, this could be the start of Nokia’s race back to the top. Sure, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be a good start. I am not sure if those are the right points to bring Nokia forward, but in my humble opinion they are:

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Why i think Nokia should “archive” most Ovi Services

Okay, so here I’m back with a little rant which is long overdue in my opinion. I was an Ovi User since Day 1. My Ovi Share Album is still filled with a ton of pictures, that i dont even have on my hard disk. Whenever I was on the Road, i took the Pics, uploaded them, ready for my loved ones to have a look at. But, after a huge site upate, share on Ovi got messed up and since is barely usable. After some weeks of exactly nothing happening, i decided to go for a Flickr Pro Account. Why? Simple, better integration with other OSes, much more Options, and an active developer scene, that helps making the experience better with numerous helpers, like Picnik, a great online picture editing tool.

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