Gartner: Apple to dominate tablet market till 2015, Android will grow rapidly

Recently we told you that Gartner is predicting that by 2015, Android operating system will be conquering the mobile market and WP7 will be runner-up. Now Gartner is back again with another chart in which they are predicting about tablets. We are in the beginning of 2011 and we have already seen a lot of tablets, so that’s why we are calling 2011 year of tablets. A lot of manufacturers are planning to launch tablets this year and most of them are Android powered. So where do you think Android and iOS will stand in 2015 if we talk about tablets. Let’s talk about it. Continue reading “Gartner: Apple to dominate tablet market till 2015, Android will grow rapidly”

A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!

(image courtesy flickr user korosirego)

Man, what an #epic #win year it’s been for Apple! Poor-antenna-PR aside, pretty much everything the folks from Cupertino launched hit gold in 2010, whether it was the refreshed take on the iPods or the iPhone or the all new iPad, which spawned an almost dysenteric flow of Android tablets for the rest of the year! Not to forget the impossibly thin(ner) MacBook Air, which points to the future of how Apple notebooks will be. Think about it – a Jan. 27 iPad announcement, then the April 8 iOS 4 preview followed by the June 7 WWDC launch of the iPhone 4, and then the Sept. 1 iPod updates and finally…closing out the year with the Oct. 20 ‘Back to the Mac’ announcements! Phew! Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : 11 Predictions for 2011!”