Amazon smartphone to launch in June says Wall Street Journal

 amazon 3d hologram phone

Rumors around the long awaited Amazon smartphone have been floating around for years now but The Wall Street Journal has now gone on record to say that it should be expected this June. Amazon is believed to be showing off prototypes to developers in SFO and Seattle to gain support for its rather unique hardware. While showing 3D content on a phone has been done before, Amazon will be the first to include retina tracking technology that will largely be handled using the four front facing cameras that it will include. This approach will create a 3D hologram like effect and will not require users to wear special glasses. Continue reading “Amazon smartphone to launch in June says Wall Street Journal”

Facebook working on Flipboard style news reader says WSJ

Facebook is rumored to be working on a new reader service that is internally known simply as Reader. The service displays content in a format geared towards mobile usage and draws data from Facebook users and publishers. The application is said to closely resemble Flipboard in terms of interface.

logo_facebook Continue reading “Facebook working on Flipboard style news reader says WSJ”

WSJ: Amazon Android tablet coming out in October

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the world and they are offering a lot of good stuff on their store. They are also offering their very own products like the Amazon Kindle which is their best selling product. Last year in September, we reported that Amazon will launch their first ever Android tablet this year. And in May, we told you that the tablet has entered production and it’s coming out later this summer. Continue reading “WSJ: Amazon Android tablet coming out in October”

The Mobile OS King: Android

There is a champ in every field, and in mobile operating systems, Android OS is the true champion. In 2008, Google launched the first Android powered phone, the G1 a.k.a known as HTC Dream. And now after 2 years, Google Android is the most favorite mobile Continue reading “The Mobile OS King: Android”