Updated Nexus 7 driver binaries fixes many issues

Nexus 7  is the most popular Android tablet but it comes with many bugs and other issues. Many Nexus 7 users have been sending their devices back because of these issues and some people just got fed up and got a refund. These new updated driver binaries released by Google for the JRO03R build is said to solve some major software bugs.

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Nokia E7 Griefs Shed A Light On Some Important Symbian Glitches

Over the past 4 years and more than 40 review and trial phones that have passed  in my hands, there are barely a few experiences I can count as terrible. One of the most recent ones though occurred just a couple of weeks ago and it made me see things in a different perspective. See, my luck had it that I received a faulty Nokia E7 unit, which had software glitches from the first time I turned it on and then hardware issues as well. While this was bound to happen, as there will always be that one unit that runs away from quality control in production plants, it isn’t the problems that arose that annoyed me, but the fact that Symbian’s only way of fixing them was Restoring and starting from scratch.

Here is a recount of my adventures with the Nokia E7 and the glitches I started noticing as I went along battling it to get it to a working state.

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