The Mobile OS King: Android

There is a champ in every field, and in mobile operating systems, Android OS is the true champion. In 2008, Google launched the first Android powered phone, the G1 a.k.a known as HTC Dream. And now after 2 years, Google Android is the most favorite mobile Continue reading “The Mobile OS King: Android”

Poll:Which one is better: Nexus One or HTC Desire?

Today I was sitting on my PC, and I suddenly start thinking about the HTC Desire and the Nexus One. Both phones are very good, and known as the one of the best devices ever manufactured by HTC. I was thinking to buy one, and these two phones came in my mind, and I start thinking which one is the best? Android 2.2 for Nexus One is out, and Android 2.2 for HTC Desire will be out before Christmas, as HTC promised. Continue reading “Poll:Which one is better: Nexus One or HTC Desire?”

Which phone platform are you going to switch to ?

Most often we cellphone users are not satisfied with whatever we have . We are all greedy for something more and that’s the harsh truth !  Gone are the days where phone makers can hide stuff about the phone performance and flaws. The bare truth about a phone or a platform is pretty much public knowledge these days . So here’s your chance to bitch about your current phone and how it sucks, or if you’re going to be married to it for life, how did you fall in love with it .

How about voting for the mobile platform you have your eyes on now ?

Your time starts now ! Continue reading “Which phone platform are you going to switch to ?”

Vote for the Nokia Cityman of the Year

nokia-india-citimanDilin who used to write here at FoneArena is one guy crazy about phones.His pic has been shortlisted at the Nseries blog for the Cityman of the Year contest. Nokia has picked 10 entries of the final round and Dilin is one of them. Continue reading “Vote for the Nokia Cityman of the Year”

Poll : Which phone do you want to buy ASAP ?

Mobile users are always craving for the next handset be it a low end basic phone or a kick ass smart phone. Thanks to a lot of competition in the market. We have a lot of choices when buying a new phone. That being said , still some phones are on their way to shops India. So we decided to put up this poll to figure out which handset is being anticipated the most amongst FoneArena readers




Poll : Mobile Internet Usage in India

Hi Readers,

The Apple iPhone has increased the mobile internet usage in the USA and UK.

But in India its a different story ,  only a small percentage of mobile users use internet on their mobile phones.

We are running this poll titled “Do you use internet on your mobile phone ?”

We have kept the choices damn simple .. Just an yes or a no..

Do vote and ask  your friends to vote as well