YU YUREKA PLUS vs Lenovo K3 Note – What’s Different?


Lenovo introduced the A7000 as the successor to the A6000 at MWC 2015 shortly after the latter’s introduction in January this year. They then introduced the A6000 Plus as an upgraded version to the A6000 and most recently they introduced the K3 Note which is an upgraded version of the A7000. The A6000, A6000 Plus, A7000 and K3 Note are all selling harmoniously at prices of Rs 6499, 7499, 8999 and 9999 respectively. That is quite a lot of choice for consumers and it caters to the needs of a wide variety of customers even though all are quite similarly priced and specc’d. As a result, Lenovo has been doing quite well recently. Micromax’s YU range of devices included the YU YUPHORIA and YUREKA priced at Rs 6999 and 8999 respectively. To up the ante, YU has launched the YUREKA PLUS which is to the YUREKA what the K3 Note is to the A7000. Like the K3 Note, the YUREKA PLUS is also priced at Rs 9999. So let’s see what is different between these two handsets that are going head to head in the market.

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Top 10 Android Smartphones under Rs. 10,000


Looking to buy an Android smartphone below Rs. 10,000 price bracket? Here is something you should definitely look at before making a final choice. Continue reading “Top 10 Android Smartphones under Rs. 10,000”

Yu Yuphoria Review


Differentiation is the name of the game when it comes to budget hardware. Yet, caught within this dichotomy of price and quality, most brands end up being rather generic in their offerings. Yu, a spinoff from mass market brand Micromax, is taking aim at the internet savvy, young audience that wants cutting edge features at a budget price. Sounds like Xiaomi, Lenovo and the myriad other brands out there? Well, Yu has a trick up it’s sleeve and it is called CyanogenMod. Through the course of the review we’ll take a look at the hardware, the software and also how both interplay with each other to try and create a compelling offering at a low end price. Follow along to see what we find out. Continue reading “Yu Yuphoria Review”

Yu YuFit Hands On

Yu YuFit -2

There’s a new contender in town to take over the crown of the most affordable fitness tracker and the YuFit certainly seems to be taking aim straight at the current crowd favorite, the Xiaomi MiBand. We spent some time with the activity tracker to get an idea if the band is genuinely competitive or yet another gimmick. Continue reading “Yu YuFit Hands On”

Weekly Roundup: YU Yuphoria, YuFit, HealthYU, Google Chromebooks, Microsoft Lumia 540, OnePlus Power Bank and more

Yu Yuphoria -9

Biggest announcement this week came from Micromax’s YU Televentures. The company launched three devices in India – Yu Yuphoria smartphone, YuFit fitness tracker, and HealthYU cassette. Continue reading “Weekly Roundup: YU Yuphoria, YuFit, HealthYU, Google Chromebooks, Microsoft Lumia 540, OnePlus Power Bank and more”

YU YUPHORIA vs YUREKA – What’s different?

Yu Yuphoria -11

The YU YUPHORIA was launched on 12th of May at an event in Delhi. We brought to you the hands on with the device as well as a spec comparison with its closest rival – the Xiaomi Redmi 2. Now it is time to see how the device stacks up against its older brother, the YUREKA.

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Yu Yuphoria Hands On Impressions

Yu Yuphoria -1

After a rather pronounced series of tweets and hype building, Yu finally let loose the Yuphoria earlier this week. The handset is a comparatively lower end device compared to the Yureka launched earlier this year and in some ways complements it. The promise is quite enticing. Fast updates via CyanogenMod and best in class hardware for as low a cost as possible. However in that race, compromises have to be made. We took some time out to check out the Yuphoria and here’s what we thought.  Continue reading “Yu Yuphoria Hands On Impressions”

YU YuFit vs Xiaomi Mi Band – What’s Different?


Xiaomi launched their Mi Band in India only last month at a price of Rs 999. Now Micromax’s YU has announced their own fitness band called the YuFit which is also priced at Rs 999. Let us take a look at both of them and see which one offers a better deal.

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YU YUPHORIA vs Xiaomi Redmi 2 – What’s Different?

Yu Yuphoria -1

Micromax unveiled it’s latest addition to the YU series of smartphones yesterday called the YUPHORIA at an event in Delhi. It’s main competitor is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 which has been around in the market for quite a while now. Let us compare and see the differences between both and what new things the YUPHORIA brings to the table.

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Yu Yuphoria Event Live Blog & Live Stream


Yu is going to unveil the 2nd device of the company the Yuphoria at an event in New Delhi today and we are going to try to live blog it for you minute by minute 3G connectivity permitting. While some of the features of the device such as 4G LTE support, HD display and Cyanogen OS 12 OS are already known , we are still waiting for the official specs and pricing to be revealed later today.Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates about the latest device from Yu which is the successor to the Yureka Continue reading “Yu Yuphoria Event Live Blog & Live Stream”

YU Yureka to be available without registrations on May 6 and May 7

YU YUREKA_fonearena-02

YU Yureka will be up for grabs without any registration in a two-day open sale on May 6 and May 7. YU on Twitter and Facebook noted that the 48-hours sale on Amazon.in will have ‘no time limits’ to purchase the Yu Yureka smartphone or any pre-registrations for participation. Continue reading “YU Yureka to be available without registrations on May 6 and May 7”

YU launches contest to find a name for its Project Caesar smartphone

YU Project Caesar name

YU already announced that it is planning to launch a new smartphone codenamed Project Caesar smartphone. Now it has started a new contest to find a name for the Cyanogen-powered Smartphone. Continue reading “YU launches contest to find a name for its Project Caesar smartphone”

An Interview with Rahul Sharma, Co-founder and CEO Yu


We recently caught up with Rahul Sharma, the man behind Yu which has launched the Yureka device in the market and is having a tough time keeping up with demand on Amazon India.Yu is a new brand in the Indian smartphone market. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Micromax, one of the most popular names in the sub-continent.We had a chance to talk to Rahul Sharma – the co-founder and the CEO of Yu about the company’s progress and of course we asked questions that would answer all your queries. Continue reading “An Interview with Rahul Sharma, Co-founder and CEO Yu”

Tune in to the Micromax YU Smartphone launch live stream


Micromax and Cyanogen are all set to launch the YU smartphone tomorrow, at 11:30 A.M in New Delhi. After an extensive marketing campaign on its social media channels, the second largest Indian smartphone manufacturer is finally going to launch its new device, the only one that can run the Cyanogen OS in this country. We’ve been hearing a lot about this device ever since the word first started to spread, and there are indicators that the price is going to be disruptive for the already disrupted Indian market. As far as promotions go, the YU seems to base its complete experience around the amount of customization that the user will be able to do, one of the strong selling points of Cyanogen.

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