Lenovo K3 Note vs Xiaomi Mi 4i – What’s Different?

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While these two devices aren’t direct competitors and they have quite a few differences, they still are quite closely priced to each other and they also have a few similarities. We get quite a lot of different requests from readers asking to compare various devices and their specs and we’ve been asked to compare these two as well and that’s what we’re doing in this post. Let’s compare both of them in detail.

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Lenovo K3 Note vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G – What’s Different?

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G can brag about being one of the first cheap phablets on the Indian market to come out with 4G support. It was announced in November last year and made available at the end of December for a price of Rs 9,999. Since then, Xiaomi has seen good success with it as many people have purchased the smartphone for its features as well as its 4G capability at a low price. Since then, many manufacturers have tried to follow the same mantra and launched their own devices at similar prices and packing similar features. The price of the Redmi Note 4G has been reduced to Rs 7,999 last month but since then Lenovo has hit the market with the K3 Note which also retails at a price of Rs 9,999 which was the original asking rate for the Redmi Note 4G. Although it is costlier, it does offer a few improvements and unique features that probably justify the price. Let’s take a look at the specifications and features of both the devices.

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YU YUREKA PLUS vs Lenovo K3 Note – What’s Different?


Lenovo introduced the A7000 as the successor to the A6000 at MWC 2015 shortly after the latter’s introduction in January this year. They then introduced the A6000 Plus as an upgraded version to the A6000 and most recently they introduced the K3 Note which is an upgraded version of the A7000. The A6000, A6000 Plus, A7000 and K3 Note are all selling harmoniously at prices of Rs 6499, 7499, 8999 and 9999 respectively. That is quite a lot of choice for consumers and it caters to the needs of a wide variety of customers even though all are quite similarly priced and specc’d. As a result, Lenovo has been doing quite well recently. Micromax’s YU range of devices included the YU YUPHORIA and YUREKA priced at Rs 6999 and 8999 respectively. To up the ante, YU has launched the YUREKA PLUS which is to the YUREKA what the K3 Note is to the A7000. Like the K3 Note, the YUREKA PLUS is also priced at Rs 9999. So let’s see what is different between these two handsets that are going head to head in the market.

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Lenovo K3 Note Review


Lenovo announced the K3 Note late last month at a price of Rs 9,999. It is basically a beefed up version of the Lenovo A7000, which aims to attract power users and fix some of the faults that the A7000 had. In this review we’ll take a look at the handset in detail and see whether or not the extra 1000 rupees you spend on this compared to the A7000 is worth it.

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