YU YUREKA PLUS vs Lenovo K3 Note – What’s Different?


Lenovo introduced the A7000 as the successor to the A6000 at MWC 2015 shortly after the latter’s introduction in January this year. They then introduced the A6000 Plus as an upgraded version to the A6000 and most recently they introduced the K3 Note which is an upgraded version of the A7000. The A6000, A6000 Plus, A7000 and K3 Note are all selling harmoniously at prices of Rs 6499, 7499, 8999 and 9999 respectively. That is quite a lot of choice for consumers and it caters to the needs of a wide variety of customers even though all are quite similarly priced and specc’d. As a result, Lenovo has been doing quite well recently. Micromax’s YU range of devices included the YU YUPHORIA and YUREKA priced at Rs 6999 and 8999 respectively. To up the ante, YU has launched the YUREKA PLUS which is to the YUREKA what the K3 Note is to the A7000. Like the K3 Note, the YUREKA PLUS is also priced at Rs 9999. So let’s see what is different between these two handsets that are going head to head in the market.

Both the devices have 5.5″ displays with 1080p resolution. While the YU YUREKA PLUS receives Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, the K3 Note makes do with generic protection. While both the screens are IPS panels and seem to be identical apart from the protection, it remains to be seen which is better in a real life test.


The YU YUREKA PLUS has a larger footprint at 154.8 x 78 x 8.5 mm compared to the 152.6 x 76.2 x 8 mm footprint of the K3 Note. The K3 Note weighs in at 150 grams while Micromax haven’t yet disclosed the weight of the YUREKA PLUS. However, the original YUREKA weighed in at 155 grams and we expect the YUREKA Plus to be around the same as well. Both the phones feature removable back panels as well as removable batteries which give access to their dual microSIM slots as well as the microSD card slot. Both the devices support microSD cards upto 32GB in capacity and both of them support 4G LTE on both the slots although they can only have 4G LTE on one slot at a time while the other remains in 2G. The battery on the YUREKA PLUS is a 2500 mAH unit while the K3 Note has a larger 2900 mAH battery. How their battery life compares in real life is something that remains to be seen.


The YUREKA PLUS has a colored home button while the back as well as menu key are backlit. On the K3 Note, none of the 3 capacitive keys are backlit. The YUREKA PLUS runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop with CyanogenMod 12 OS while the K3 Note runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop with Lenovo’s Vibe UI on top.


Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 615 is the processor of choice for the YUREKA PLUS while Lenovo have chosen an octa-core Mediatek MT6752 processor on theirs. Similarly, the YUREKA PLUS has an Adreno 405 GPU and the K3 Note has a Mali-T760MP2 GPU. Both have 16GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM however the amount of free memory and free RAM available should be different on both. We will let you know the exact amount once we receive our unit of the YUREKA PLUS.


Both the smartphones have 13 Megapixel sensors however the resolutions are different on both. The K3 Note has a maximum resolution of 4128×3096 pixels which is a perfect 4:3 ratio while the YUREKA PLUS has a slightly wider aspect ratio with a maximum resolution of 4208×3120 pixels. The YUREKA PLUS has a single LED flash while the K3 Note has a dual-LED flash. Video recording maxes out at 1080p resolution at 30 fps on both the devices. At the front, both smartphones have a 5 Megapixel camera.


YUREKA PLUS supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n while the K3 Note also adds support for ac standard. K3 Note gets Bluetooth 4.1 while the YUREKA PLUS makes do with Bluetooth 4.0.The K3 Note is available in 3 colour variants namely Onyx Black, Pearl White and Laser Yellow while the YUREKA PLUS will have two colour variants – Moondust Grey and Alabaster White. Although the K3 Note has 3 colour variants, only the Onyx Black variant is currently available for purchasing but Lenovo have promised to release other colours soon as well.


On paper, both these devices are neck and neck and with identical pricing of Rs 9,999, the competition couldn’t be any fiercer. At the end of the day, one phone will be better at some aspects than the other while the other excels in other areas. So it will be down to personal preference. We will be looking forward to reviewing the YUREKA PLUS in the near future but for those of you who are interested in the K3 Note, you can read the full review here. Registrations for the flash sale of the YUREKA PLUS have already started and it will be available exclusively through Amazon.in starting from 24th July at 2pm.

Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma