YU YuFit vs Xiaomi Mi Band – What’s Different?


Xiaomi launched their Mi Band in India only last month at a price of Rs 999. Now Micromax’s YU has announced their own fitness band called the YuFit which is also priced at Rs 999. Let us take a look at both of them and see which one offers a better deal.

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The major difference between the fitness bands is that the YuFit comes with a display while the Mi Band doesn’t. The YuFit has a small OLED display on top which shows the time, details such as the number of steps etc. It notifies you of calls and messages just like the Mi Band. While the Mi Band makes do with just LED light notifications, the YuFit can actually display the numbers and other information. You can switch between the different modes by simply tapping the display.


Design wise, both the bands are quite similar looking as they have elliptical designs and come with rubber bands that you can adjust according to your wrist size. Both the devices can be removed from the bands as well and are waterproof. The Mi Band has an IP 67 rating but we aren’t sure what rating the YuFit has. Just like the Mi Band, the Yu Fit also transfers information to your smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth.


The devices come with their own application that let you pair with a smartphone and to access and control the smartband from your phone. Mi Band lets you track your steps and your sleep. The YuFit app is powered by Healthify Me which goes beyond the regular step and sleep tracking. You can enter the food you eat and it’ll calculate the amount of calories you eat in a day and that includes Indian food as well. All you have to do is click the images of food and upload it to find out the number of calories. You can track your fitness activities including group coaching, challenges, social fitness networks and achievements. Just like the Mi Band app, we are guessing the Healthify Me app will currently be available only on Android smartphones.


You can also have coaches who will listen to you, give you feedback and motivate you. There are specialized coaches for different activities that you do. For example you can have a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, fitness trainer etc. Micromax is offering free personal trailer to the first 1000 customers of the YuFit when it launches next month on yuplaygod.com at a price of Rs 999. They haven’t mentioned how much it will cost for a personal trainer if you have to pay for it, but we will let you know more about that as we get more information.

The YuFit battery capacity and battery life hasn’t been disclosed yet. The Mi Band is known for having great battery life. Surely the OLED display on the YuFit will drain more battery but if Micromax has fitted a bigger battery and optimized it well then it would last almost as long. For the same price, the YuFit seems to offer more features as well as a better app for your smartphone. While a few of the details are still unconfirmed regarding the YuFit, it seems like Micromax has the upper hand at the moment. Just how well it performs, we will have to wait and see.

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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