Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95

If you were wondering why there are not much activity on this blog ? Then

the Nokia N Series Collection Nokia N81 GB N82 and N95 you see below is to blame .. I have been having a really cool time

playing with these 3 devices over the past 1 week .. Saddest part is that I have to bid adieu to the N95 and the N81 8Gb this weekend ..

The 3 phones are of distinct form factors .. one is a dual slider, other a normal slider and another a bar .. Continue reading “Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95”

Vodafone India loosing to Airtel

In a recent report released by COAI its evident that Airtel making Vodafone India (formerly Hutch) go nuts !!

Bharti Airtel’s net addition in Jan 08 were better than the previous best !!

Vodafone’s net additions are getting lesser..

So the question is whether Airtel is growing at Vodafone’s expense ?

Would it have been better if Vodafone stayed as Hutch Continue reading “Vodafone India loosing to Airtel”

Nokia E71 spotted at Sydney

Nokia E71 codenamed Liam might the next addition to the E Series range of Nokia phones.


E71 is launched and Specs and Price

We even have Review

This phone is a slimmed down version of the hugely popular E61i. The E71 is expected to be smaller than E61i in terms of size and might be just 10mm thick !!! That would make it a Slim and Sexy E Series phone.. It is expected to have Wi-Fi , HSDPA a 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera and integrated GPS .. Hope that this device does not cry for Memory .. Nokia showcased pictures of this device at an event in Sydney , Australianokia-e71-australia.jpg Continue reading “Nokia E71 spotted at Sydney”

Samsung ACE SPH-i325 now on Sprint

The Samsung ACE or the SPH-i325 is now officially available on Sprint.The coolest thing about this phone is the support for both CDMA and GSM on a single phone. It has native CDMA support and also an unlocked GSM SIM Card slot .. see pic below..


This means that you can use the phone both in Americas and outside also if you travel to other countries. It has Dual band GSM .

Regarding the features .. Its a Windows Mobile 6.1 powered device with a QWERTY keypad and looks similar to the Samsung BlackJack on AT&T Continue reading “Samsung ACE SPH-i325 now on Sprint”

Mobile Music is getting really popular Do You agree ?

We are seeing a lot of music capable handsets these days. The Mobile is doubling up as an iPod or MP3 player. Mobile Radio is pretty popular atleast in India. In countries where people travel a lot to work / study , Mobile music is popular. A recent survey by MMetrics focussed on this aspect.

The survey was mainly targetted at US and Europe markets. So we ask you ! Do you use your phone to listen to music or radio ?

Continue reading “Mobile Music is getting really popular Do You agree ?”

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is powered by 528 Mhz CPU and runs Windows Mobile 6.1

SE Xperia X1 612 GI

This Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 phone is making a lot of news after its launch at Barcelona last week.

Now the latest news .. You already know that this phone is the first Windows mobile phone from SE .. but you might be surprised to know that this device runs Windows Mobile 6.1 . See the pictures below for more info. Also this monster is powered by a 528 Mhz CPU

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is powered by 528 Mhz CPU and runs Windows Mobile 6.1”

Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!

I would like to thank Amy and Siobhan from WomWorld

for sending me  the N81 8GB and N95 phones for trialling for 2 weeks.

nokia n81 8gb wom

I was shocked when I got 2 boxes via courier from them. We had some confusion about the shipments initially.. but all was for good  !!

I m already reviewing the N81 8Gb for the benefit of all you mobile music folks out there. Continue reading “Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!”

Nokia N82 Camera with Xenon Flash

I have never found mobile phone photography impressive on Nokia phones. I have had the 6230 and then the 6630 and the E61i.

The N82 has completely proved me wrong . The Nokia N82 has a 5 Mega pixel Camera equipped with Xenon flash .

The phone is the best Camera phone available in the market today. I m impressed with the kind of photographs this Nseries phone produces.

N95 and N95 8GB cannot better then N82.

The Camera has plenty of modes and also phone has dedicated Camera and zoom buttons.

If you cant believe what I say.. check out the pics below for yourself. They were clicked with an N82.

If you wanna see the actually 5MP version , let me know .I upload that also. Continue reading “Nokia N82 Camera with Xenon Flash”