Google Docs, Sheets and Slides finally get multitasking tools for iPad

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Google has finally updated Docs, Sheets and Slides apps for iOS. All the three productivity apps are getting multitasking tools for iPad.

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Skype 6.6 now available on iOS – Improved multitasking and information detection


Skype has just released version 6.6 on iOS devices. The new version for iPad and iPhones mainly focuses on improving the multi-tasking experience on the devices.

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Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4



The Galaxy Note 4 in its fourth iteration, is the latest in a series of big screened devices created by Samsung. Back in 2011, when creating big devices, the maximum usage of available screen real estate was not part of core OS design. However, thanks to the flexibility of Android, Samsung created solutions that brought true multi tasking on a phone. Called Multi Window, Samsung allowed two apps to run at the same time, in small windows. On the Note 4, it gets better. How? Let’s find out.


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Introducing QSlide, LG’s new multitasking feature

LG has come up with an interesting feature called QSlide to add to the multitasking function on the Optimus G emphasizing its approach of pushing forward Android’s capabilities.

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Windows Phone Tango to up multitasking limit to 8 apps

Microsoft has been trying to put across the point that the Tango update will be fairly minor and aims to bring down the requirement levels to be able to launch lower end hardware without compromising the experience. What it hasn’t told anyone is that due to the reduced hardware requirements , current hardware will be able to perform better. Keeping this in mind , Microsoft has increased the limit for apps allowed to multitask to 8.

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Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9

nokia n9 multitasking

Here is a quick look at Multitasking on the Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. When you see a preview of all the apps currently running , it shows you the every app’s current state in realtime and not just a screenshot like in some other platforms. For instance the Compass app reacts to movements even when in the Multitasking view. Pretty impressive ! Watch it in action in the video below. Continue reading “Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9”

Unreleased iOS Version shows new Multi-tasking , Facebook Integration

The folks from Vietnamese site are back with a video showing an unreleased version of iOs running on a White iPhone with 64GB of internal memory. As you can see in the picture above , the video shows a new Multi-tasking UI with tiles of thumbnails of the currently open apps. The software is expected to be either a test version or a new version. The device seems like a protoype as it has the XX marking on the back. Continue reading “Unreleased iOS Version shows new Multi-tasking , Facebook Integration”

Apple iPad finally gets Multitasking via iOS 4.2

Apple has finally released the much awaited software update for the Apple iPad in the name of the iOs 4.2 Update. It finally brings Multitasking to the iOS tablet along with a bunch of other new features. One such feature is Unified Inbox which was already available on the iPhone. You can find the full list of updates below Continue reading “Apple iPad finally gets Multitasking via iOS 4.2”

Nokia N8 Review Week – Day 3 – Symbian^3 And UI

Hello and welcome everyone to the Nokia N8 Review Week here on Fone Arena! Each day of this week, one of our team members will cover one area of Nokia’s imaging flagship with all the do’s and dont’s. This should make for an exciting week and we’re all looking forward to that! Today is Wednesday, our names are Rita El Khoury and Sloan Bowman, and we have joined forces to tell you about the Nokia N8 software and what you can expect of it. Since the software/UI is a very objective and personal matter, we thought we would give you two real-world opinions of it, sometimes we’ll agree, other times we’ll have radically opposing impressions. Enjoy reading along and if you have any questions on that matter, leave a comment!

After tackling the Hardware and Camera in the previous days, two aspects where the Nokia N8 excels by anyone’s standards, we come to the most controversial aspect of the N8, the software or Symbian^3 and its UI. Symbian^3 is the first major software leap since Nokia brought S60 5th Edition on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Upon introduction, Symbian^3 was described as an evolutional not revolutional progression, meant to fix all the major issues that plagued Symbian’s first iteration with a touchscreen UI, and which were most heartfelt on the Nokia N97. Continue reading “Nokia N8 Review Week – Day 3 – Symbian^3 And UI”

Facebook for iPhone now supports Multi-tasking on iOS4

Good news for all iPhone / iPod users who are addicted to Facebook. One Facebook is one of the best apps for the iPhone platform but sadly it did not support multitasking or fast app-switching which came in iPhone OS 4 / iOS 4. Thanks to the latest update (v3.1.4) which is compatible with iOS 4.0.You can now switch between Facebook and Twitter apps or Email without having to start all-over again. Head to the app store now !

Video : iPhone 4.0 Multitasking

Apple just announced that it’s adding Multitasking to iPhone.  Here is a quick demo of how switching between apps works in the new version of the OS. Currently the iPhone can’t effectively multitask and the current app exits when you press the home button.  Even now with iPhone 4.0 Multitasking on the iPhone might be just App Switching on Steroids Continue reading “Video : iPhone 4.0 Multitasking”

Nokia N900 MultiTasking in action 33 Apps


One of the main highlights of the Nokia N900 is the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple apps. Multitasking is one of the core strengths of the Maemo Platform .  How about Browsing a bunch of websites while listening to music , attend a phone call , check your calendar and reply to an important email ? Its all possible with the N900

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