Honor rumored to introduce new phablet in India to enhance user experience

Honor has been making waves in the smartphone industry ever since it arrived in India. However, it has never ventured into the phablet segment up until now.

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Vivo X6 phablet officially teased, specs and photos also leaked

Vivo has teased it’s latest phablet that is dubbed as Vivo X6. The Chinese smartphone maker shared a teaser of the upcoming phone while specs and photos of the same were leaked on Weibo.

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New Meizu Blue Charm Metal phablet appears online – Announcement set for October 21st


Meizu is set to announce a new phablet on the 21st of October. It will be a part of the affordable Blue Charm series of smartphone but will come with a premium metal design.

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Lenovo Phab Plus Hands On : First Impressions

Lenovo Phab Plus_fonearena-09

Phablets are gaining popularity as each year passes by with people getting more and more interested in content that looks better on larger screens. Lenovo is pushing the envelope further with their Phab and Phab Plus phablets which nearly enter the tablet territory. We went hands on with the Phab Plus which is a 6.8 inch device and here is what we thought about it.

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Samsung patents dual-OS notebook with a built-in phablet dock


Samsung has just been granted a patent for a dual-OS notebook that has a built-in phablet dock. The theoretical notebook would for example allow users to use Windows 10 by default and then switch over to Android OS and control their smartphone by placing it in the dock.

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HTC Desire 820 Review: Pocket Cinema

HTC Desire 820_fonearena-01

HTC, as a company, was going the wrong way for a while. For example, in May 2013, the company released a Snapdragon 200-powered Desire 600 with a 4.5 inch qHD display that cost people 27k rupees. The company had vowed to fix these things and bring its products back in line with consumer expectations, after which the Desire 816 happened. It was a mid range phablet with an affordable price tag and solid specifications. The Desire 820 (Rs. 24,999) is its spiritual successor, carrying forward all the positives of the 816, trying to add more value and keep up with the times. Does it succeed? Lets find out.

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BlackBerry considering to bring phablets to market: CEO John Chen

BlackBerry is keen on foraying into the tablet market to regain its market share in the highly competitive smartphone market. CEO John Chen indicated that a BlackBerry phablet might be in works, he said in an interview with The Jakarta Post.


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Asus ZenFone 6 Hands on

Asus unveiled a series of three smartphones called as the Asus ZenFone series. Each smartphone in the series is named after the size of its display. We went hands on with each of the device and for now, we have the Asus ZenFone 6 Hands on video right below.

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Nokia wants to reinvent innovation, teases an event on October 22nd


Nokia has released the above picture on its social media channels, signaling an event in the middle east(likely Dubai or Abu Dhabi) on October 22nd, presumably for the Lumia 1520 Phablet and the Nokia Sirius Windows RT tablet launch. This news comes after rumours that Nokia might delay or cancel some of its products after the Microsoft deal, which makes some sense as some products may overlap within the same company, but if the teaser is to be believed, we will definitely see the Lumia 1520 at least, with the Sirius launch now a big question mark.

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Oppo teases the 5.9 inch N1 for a September 23rd reveal

Oppo has been constantly teasing the officially confirmed N1, the first in the series of camera centric flagship devices from the Chinese manufacturer. This time, they have revealed that the device is going to sport a huge 5.9 inch screen, which negates the earlier leaked specifications that the device will sport a 5.5 inch display. They have also revealed the front wireframe, which looks remarkably similar to the earlier leaked images, confirming the authenticity of the leaks. It was revealed to have a back-side touch sensor to navigate in a completely different way, adding to the fact that it might sport a really good camera.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 with 6 inch 1080p display appears in leaked image

Nokia’s intentions to introduce a large screen device are fairly obvious by now. It has been long rumored that the Finnish smartphone company is working on a phablet class device that would bring a large 6 inch screen to Nokia’s Lumia hardware. The image leaked earlier today  corroborates all that we know about the device. Placed next to the Lumia 1020, the handset appears positively gargantuan.


With the screen switched on, we also seem to be getting our first look at the upcoming GDR3 update that would bring support for 1080p screens, faster processors. To make use of all that screen real estate, Windows Phone will now allow you to place a double wide tile next to a medium sized tile. Additionally, a third row of tiles can be placed on the homescreen. The leaked image closely resembles an image that had earlier this year that claimed to depict the front panel for the upcoming device. Additionally, the engraved proto.nokia.com text is true for all Nokia prototype devices. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 1520 with 6 inch 1080p display appears in leaked image”

HTC One Max press image leaks online

HTC has been having a tough time keeping its big “One Max” under the wraps. The HTC One Max is expected to be HTC’s entry into the phablet market and will directly take on Samsung Galaxy Note series which is also due a refresh in the coming month. So far, we have had some photos about the alleged HTC One Max going about the internet and HTC have officially teased the launch of HTC One Max with a teaser video, now we have a supposed press image courtesy of popular leakster @evleaks.


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Alleged screen bezel of a 6 inch Nokia Lumia Phablet leaks


Just hours after we reviewed a monster of a device with a 6.3 inch screen, a screen bezel has leaked on to the internet from the factories in China. Guess what, it reportedly measures 6 inches in diagonal and it’s a Nokia Lumia. Previously, we had seen a Nokia Lumia device with an aluminium body leak from a mass production line, with unnaturally long sides and we think this screen bezel might be part of that puzzle. With Microsoft and Nokia rumoured to support bigger 1080p resolution displays with a interim GDR3 Windows Phone update in fall, the phablet leak is in line with expectations.

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Nokia EOS 41MP PureView body in metal, or a 5.3 inch phablet?


Remember the last time when the Nokia EOS and its circular 41 MP camera hump leaked out? It looked a lot like the Lumia 920 with a polycarbonate body that time, but there is yet another leak, and from the looks of it, it’s from the shady factories in China. The above two images literally show off a metallic body for the highly awaited Nokia EOS device to be launched by Nokia at an event in NYC on July 11th. The metallic body is a surprise as the device was already shown off in a polycarbonate body, but from what we can see above, the metallic body seems like an option as a part of the different colours, or at least we hope.

Update: The device in the images above seems to be unnaturally long, especially when you note the openings for the controls on the right. Is this actually a Nokia phablet we are looking at?

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