HTC One Max Review

Phablets are a reality. Often passed over as a fad, the large number of successful giant sized devices has proven that there is a demand for these phones. With the One Max, HTC is going after the Samsung Note 3. The end result is an HTC One that has been stretched to fit in a larger display while introducing a few new forgetable features. Read through our review to figure out if this behemoth is worth the small fortune that HTC is demanding for it. Continue reading “HTC One Max Review”

HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Photo Gallery


We previously brought to you the unboxing of the HTC One Max. Now here is the photo gallery comparing the phablet to it’s closest rival, the Galaxy Note 3.

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HTC One Max Photo Gallery


The HTC One Max is the newest device off the block from the Taiwanese company. Building off a design that high resembles the One Mini, phone packs a gigantic 5.9 inch screen. This surrounded by the aluminum and plastic shell makes it a rather humongous device. Here is a photo gallery of the device to whet your appetite, do check back for the hands on report shortly.

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HTC One Max to finally launch on October 16th, comes with a fingerprint scanner


The HTC One Max might be one of the most leaked devices ever, with virtually everything known before its launch. It was rumoured to have launched at IFA, but the company seems to have finally fixed on a date for the official reveal. According to a Taiwanese invite, the One Max is all set to launch on October 18th, in Taiwan, and the existence of a finger print scanner has been subtly hinted on the invite. The invite reads –

One finger opens up a big view

You are invited to immerse in the sound with us

Update: Two days before the Taiwan event, HTC seems to have scheduled another event on the 16th for the same, in Hong Kong.

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HTC One Max press image leaks online

HTC has been having a tough time keeping its big “One Max” under the wraps. The HTC One Max is expected to be HTC’s entry into the phablet market and will directly take on Samsung Galaxy Note series which is also due a refresh in the coming month. So far, we have had some photos about the alleged HTC One Max going about the internet and HTC have officially teased the launch of HTC One Max with a teaser video, now we have a supposed press image courtesy of popular leakster @evleaks.


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HTC One Max with 5.9-inch display spotted in the wild


Huge phones are becoming common these days and Huawei were the first to go big with their Ascend Mate having a 6.1inch at the start of the year, Samsung followed it up with their Mega series(5.8inch and 6.3inch) and Sony recently joined the club with the biggest of them all – Sony Xperia Z Ultra with a 6.44inch display. There have been leaks indicating that HTC has been working on a big phablet as well which is expected to be a big version of the company’s flagship – HTC One.  Continue reading “HTC One Max with 5.9-inch display spotted in the wild”