Alleged screen bezel of a 6 inch Nokia Lumia Phablet leaks


Just hours after we reviewed a monster of a device with a 6.3 inch screen, a screen bezel has leaked on to the internet from the factories in China. Guess what, it reportedly measures 6 inches in diagonal and it’s a Nokia Lumia. Previously, we had seen a Nokia Lumia device with an aluminium body leak from a mass production line, with unnaturally long sides and we think this screen bezel might be part of that puzzle. With Microsoft and Nokia rumoured to support bigger 1080p resolution displays with a interim GDR3 Windows Phone update in fall, the phablet leak is in line with expectations.

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Nokia EOS 41MP PureView body in metal, or a 5.3 inch phablet?


Remember the last time when the Nokia EOS and its circular 41 MP camera hump leaked out? It looked a lot like the Lumia 920 with a polycarbonate body that time, but there is yet another leak, and from the looks of it, it’s from the shady factories in China. The above two images literally show off a metallic body for the highly awaited Nokia EOS device to be launched by Nokia at an event in NYC on July 11th. The metallic body is a surprise as the device was already shown off in a polycarbonate body, but from what we can see above, the metallic body seems like an option as a part of the different colours, or at least we hope.

Update: The device in the images above seems to be unnaturally long, especially when you note the openings for the controls on the right. Is this actually a Nokia phablet we are looking at?

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