HTC One Dual SIM with 3G GSM+CDMA coming to India for Rs. 48,490

The HTC One has proven to be quite a popular model for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer and has got rave reviews across the internet including from us. The company is now all set to launch the coveted dual SIM model that also incorporates a micro SD card slot that has been missing from the single SIM international variant.


The handset supports both CDMA and GSMA networks on the first SIM card slot while the second will top off at EDGE speeds on GSM networks. The phone should have an MRP of Rs 49,500 though the MOP is expected to be around Rs. 48,490. Other specifications remain the same with the only addition being the micro SD card slot hidden under the removable back shell. Continue reading “HTC One Dual SIM with 3G GSM+CDMA coming to India for Rs. 48,490”

Samsung’s dual sim phone “Galaxy S II Duos” is exclusive to China

Remember the days when the mobile devices with dual sim card capability called as one fo the worst devices? Well, those days are far behind as Samsung has decided to launch a dual sim version of Galaxy S II called as the SGS II Duos in China.

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Motorola RAZR is the first Android Phone to use a microSIM card

When I was expecting the Motorola RAZR to arrive today , I had a question in my mind. Does this phone use a microSIM card. The Motorola DROID RAZR for Verizon uses the smaller SIM card but there was no mention about it in the Europe / Asia product pages. To my surprise when I opened the box earlier today, I noticed that the RAZR had a flap which covered the microSIM card slot and the microSD memory card slot. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR is the first Android Phone to use a microSIM card”

iPhone 5 to be GSM + CDMA world phone ?

Unwired View reports that the next generation iPhone might be packing in dual mode GSM + CDMA capabilities. App usage logs for a high profile iOS developer indicate two different sets of MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) codes from the same device. The codes correspond to AT&T and Verizon.

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Tata Teleservices to merge CDMA & GSM divisions

Tata Teleservices which is the telecom unit of the Tata Group will merge both the CDMA and GSM divisions. It is also said to cut jobs by the end of this year based on non-performance, and the CDMA employees will be the one to be affected the most. Continue reading “Tata Teleservices to merge CDMA & GSM divisions”

World’s First GSM Call was made 20 years ago

I graduated in Electronics and Communications and Finnish names are pretty common in any work in the wireless communication space.  Nokia’s contribution to this space is pretty huge and the latest proof is Apple agreeing to become a licensee of Nokia. Now if you are a fan of technology , the first GSM call on a commercial network was made 20 years ago between Finland’s  Prime Minister Harri Holkeri and Kaarina Suonio,vice mayor of the Finnish city of Tampere . The network was built by Telenokia and Siemens now known as Nokia Siemens Networks – for the Finnish operator Radiolinja,  now known as Elisa.

Watch the video below in Finnish to take a ride back into the past and watch the first ever GSM call in action. Continue reading “World’s First GSM Call was made 20 years ago”

HTC ChaCha leaks with AT&T branding

HTC ChaCha was announced by HTC at Mobile World Congress 2011 along with HTC Salsa and both are first ever HTC devices with dedicated Facebook button and features. We recently previewed it and we told you that it’s a good device, and full review will be out soon. Now it looks like HTC ChaCha is heading towards AT&T, as you can see HTC ChaCha press shot with AT&T branding on it. Continue reading “HTC ChaCha leaks with AT&T branding”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc hitting USA this summer

There are number of Android devices available in the market, but a very few of them are good enough to drop your jaw. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is one of them which I think is currently the most beautiful device available (read our preview). It was announced by SE at CES and it’s a successor to the  Xperia X10, which is also a good looking device. A lot of people in USA are dying to get their hands on this sexy device, and one of them can’t wait and asked about it on SE Product blog. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc hitting USA this summer”

Lufthansa FlyNet to offer In-flight WiFi along with GSM/GPRS connectivity

Lufthansa will be the first airline to offer in-flight internet access on intercontinental routes.The service will be offered under the banner FlyNet in partnership with Panasonic Avionics. FlyNet will be initially available only on select North Atlantic routes but they plan to offer it on the airline’s entire intercontinental network by end of 2011. Continue reading “Lufthansa FlyNet to offer In-flight WiFi along with GSM/GPRS connectivity”

Bharti Airtel reaches 100 Million Customers

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Friday, May 15, 2009 –Bharti Airtel becomes the 3rd largest single country mobile services operator in the world and 6th largest single country integrated telco in the world

— Announces a series of Network augmentation and Customer service initiatives
– To roll out over 100,000 BTS sites across the country
– To establish a State of the Art Customer Service Management Centre
– 100,000 Airtel Service Centres to be set up in rural India by March 2010

Bharti Airtel, Asia’s leading Integrated Telecom services provider, today announced that it has crossed the 100 million customers mark. This milestone makes the company the 3rd largest single country mobile services operator and sixth largest in-country integrated telecom operator in the world. Continue reading “Bharti Airtel reaches 100 Million Customers”

TATA to Roll its GSM Services from May


Yesterday, while browsing some mobile related forums, I got to know that people there are just over whelmed to know when exactly will TATA launch its GSM services which presently has only CDMA operations in India.

Then, after spending over an hour, I got in hand, some reports which claims TATA would launch GSM operations starting may this year. Actually, TATA is prepared to roll its services in some parts of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and some other Telecom circles, but keeping in mind the unclear norms and policies of the DoT and TRAI, TATA was yet to roll out its GSM services. Continue reading “TATA to Roll its GSM Services from May”

Soon Virgin Will be Operating GSM Services in India

Virgin Mobile

This definitely would bring into your minds, how Virgin mobile started its services in India with a bang and a ‘hatke’ style. It is the first and the only Telecom operator in India to pay its customers even for receiving a call, though recently the Get paid on incoming charges was reduced.

Well, about its GSM launch plan, Jamie Heywood, deputy CEO, Virgin Mobile India, said, in a conference, that they (Virgin mobile) is already serving other parts of the world with both GSM and CDMA services, and even in India, they would soon launch its GSM services. Continue reading “Soon Virgin Will be Operating GSM Services in India”

Reliance GSM now in Madurai

Reliance Communications launched its GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) service here yesterday as part of the recent nationwide service initiative.

A company press release said that customers choosing reliance Mobile GSM service can avail a unique plan, which offers up to 100 per cent savings to those having ARPU(Average revenue per user) less than Rs 100 in the state at a one-time subscription charge (including GSM SIM) of Rs 35 only.

Continue reading “Reliance GSM now in Madurai”

Sony Ericsson P1


Sony Ericsson P1 is a revolutionary phone which tries to redefine the definition of a Business Class phone.

The P1 is a notworthy competitor for the Nokia E90 Communicator and Nokia N95 

Also the P1 will replace the P990 in the production line we suspect


  • 25% reduction in size compared to P990i
  • Support for most mobile email protocols
  • 3G, Wi-fi, bluetooth(stereo) ,Infrared
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera and a additional Video calling Camera
  • Dual function keyboard,Stylus,Touchscreen
  • Rich Media support
  • Memory Stick Micro Expansion upto 4gb with 512 in package

Price and Availability

Expected to be available in Q3 2007 which is the current quarter in selected markets.

The phone might hit Indian market soon.

Get more info about the specifications here Sony Ericsson P1