Is this the nano SIM card for the iPhone 5 ?

We told you last year that a nano SIM card which is smaller than the already tiny microSIM card is in the works. Then there were rumours floating around that the next iPhone or the iPhone 5 would be using the nano SIM card slot.What followed was Apple, Nokia , RIM and Motorola defending for their own proposals at the industry standards body known as European Telecommunication Standards Institute ETSI . Interestingly , Apple’s proposal won and rest of the companies were disappointed about the outcome. Continue reading “Is this the nano SIM card for the iPhone 5 ?”

Motorola RAZR is the first Android Phone to use a microSIM card

When I was expecting the Motorola RAZR to arrive today , I had a question in my mind. Does this phone use a microSIM card. The Motorola DROID RAZR for Verizon uses the smaller SIM card but there was no mention about it in the Europe / Asia product pages. To my surprise when I opened the box earlier today, I noticed that the RAZR had a flap which covered the microSIM card slot and the microSD memory card slot. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR is the first Android Phone to use a microSIM card”

Verizon 4G SIM card showing up, launch in December 2010

Verizon announced in an advertisement on Youtube that they will bring the 4G LTE to USA in December 2o1o. It looks like that Verizon is fully prepared for 4G LTE, because a Verizon 4G LTE SIM card has shown up in a Verizon store. If Verizon is bringing the 4G LTE in December, then they will bring some new phones for sure. Continue reading “Verizon 4G SIM card showing up, launch in December 2010”

Verizon 4G LTE SIM card leaked!

Do you want to see the first image of the Verizon LTE 4G SIM Card? Then have a look on the photo above, in which you can see that Engadget got their hands on the first Verizon LTE 4G Sim Card which was floating around in the wild. You can see a big 4G logo on the SIM card which proves that it’s a 4G LTE SIM Card. Continue reading “Verizon 4G LTE SIM card leaked!”

Tata Docomo SIM Card is here

Tata Docomo seems to be getting a lot of attention amongst mobile consumers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So we went ahead and bought a Tata Docomo SIM Card to check out the service . Tata Docomo is  Tata’s foray into GSM sevices in India and the different pricing strategy has already grabbed our attention. The SIM Card pack rarely gets any attention from customers as most of it is just marketing material and nothing is useful to the end user. Tata Docomo’s SIM pack was a bit different and it even included a flyer which indicated the call charges. More pics of the pack below

Continue reading “Tata Docomo SIM Card is here”