Sony Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z Ultra Hands on

Sony announced its latest flagship device, the Xperia Z1 here at IFA in Berlin and we’ve already gone hands on with the camera centric device. It competes within its own stable with the Z Ultra that is also a relatively recent launch for the Japanese smartphone manufacturer. While they don’t exactly compete with each other, here’s a quick break down to see how the handset fare when placed next to each other.


The design language of the Z1 and Z Ultra is very similar and they most definitely do appear like they belong to the same family of smartphones. The front of the Z1 has a 5 inch Full HD Triluminous display with Sony’s X-Reality Engine thrown in for good measure.The Z Ultra on the other hand has an absolutely gargantuan 6.44″ screen. The resolution is the same as the Z1 at 1920 x 1080 with the pixel density dropping down to 342ppi versus the 441ppi of the Z1. The screens on both the phones are a much needed improvement over previous gen Sony devices and have fairly wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

Video demo:


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hands on Comparison


Samsung just unveiled the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 at their IFA unpacked event today. Boasting a beautiful 5.7 inch full HD Super AMOLED display with a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 Processor and 3 GB of RAM, it is easily one of the most powerful devices that have launched till date. But there was also another Snapdragon 800 device that impressed us with its performance and that was the Xperia Z Ultra, the first 6.44 inch device from Sony. How do both these phablets look side by side, and how do they fare in a quick comparison? We shot a video to show you how –


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Nokia Lumia 925 Blind Test – Flagship Shoot Out

lumia-925-shootout copy

The Nokia Lumia 925 launched just six days back in India with a price tag of Rs. 33,499. It was announced back in May, as a refreshed alternative to people who didn’t like the bulk and design of the good old Nokia Lumia 920. The camera was supposedly improved, along with the build and design, with a six element lens and all new algorithms, while retaining all the PureView OIS goodness that the 920 was known for. While the Lumia 920 was good, it had problems with defocused softer photos and overall unreliable performance, making it a tougher buy when compared to other flagships. But, does the Lumia 925 fix that? Can it produce better pictures than competing flagship devices? Exactly what we are going to see today.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Vs Galaxy Grand


Samsung is known for flooding the entire market with a plethora of phones and the Galaxy series is good example. You have a phone for almost any price range right from entry level to the flagship level. Samsung’s consistency has been one of its main reasons for success and it recently launched two “huge” phones – Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3.

Today we the have smaller of the Mega brothers and one of the Samsung’s most successful Galaxy phones in India this year – Galaxy Grand. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 was launched at the end of May while the Galaxy Grand was launched earlier this year in January. Both the devices are at a slightly different price point, but have almost the same internals. Lets dive right into the comparison.


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Xolo Play T1000 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

Xolo is trying to target the mid-range smartphone market and their latest attempt is the gaming powerhouse – Xolo Play T1000 packing a NVidia Tegra 3 SoC. Samsung launched the Galaxy Grand (GT-I9082) way back in January and it has been a huge hit for the company.


The Xolo Play is a quad-core device with a relatively smaller footprint than the dual-core Galaxy Grand. Let’s check out how the devices compete against each other.

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Samsung Galaxy family screen size comparison


Samsung, with a mad obsession with large screened devices, a market they themselves help pioneer, launched two huge handsets fit for their name, namely the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, with the respective screen sizes appended to their name. We found them quite huge, unsurprisingly, and we wanted to see how the trend has been with the Samsung’s Galaxy family of Android devices with respect to growing screen sizes. So yes, we took some devices we had with us to the launch event and put them side to side to see how the screen sizes fared against each other. Free Internet upvotes for whoever names all the devices in the above images correctly, in the comments section below. Go!


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Nokia Lumia 925 vs HTC One Quick Comparison


The Nokia Lumia 925 launched the day before yesterday, invoking various reactions from the internet, including ours, which is detailed in the hands on post here. This new Lumia device with a metal frame loses a lot of weight and has slimmed down, mainly for people who were holding out on the 920 because of its bulkiness. We had explained the differences between it and the 920 here, which would make sense of this device’s release. At the event, once we were done with the Lumia 925 photo gallery, we were looking to compare it with various flagship devices. We initially compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now we are comparing it with the very beautifully designed HTC One. Here is a quick video of the same –

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist vs White Frost Photo Gallery


A lot of you have been asking us if they White S4 is better than the Black one and vice versa  ,so we managed to get both the colours of the Galaxy S4 in India for a quick photo shoot. Here are some photos comparing the two variants side by side. Samsung calls the Black version – Black Mist although it is a lot closer to blue in reality. The white is called White Frost and is actually white.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Micromax A116 Canvas HD in depth comparison

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Micromax Canvas HD

The Indian smartphone market has recently been seeing an influx of a lot of devices which are big on the screen and specs, while at the same time small on the budget, catering to the exact demand of the market since the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The phablet, as the term goes, means a device is bigger than a phone but smaller than the tablet, fitting right in the middle. This is purely a notion marketed by Samsung with the Galaxy Note, and it has caught up like wildfire among the various entrants in the Indian Smartphone market.

And two of the devices that are a by product of this phablet movement are the Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Samsung’s own Galaxy Grand Duos. We are going for an in depth comparison between these two to see which ones comes out as the better buy, objectively. Here is the in-depth comparison video first –


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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 : What’s new ?

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung just introduced the long awaited successor to the Galaxy S3 amidst a major press gathering in New York. The phone however is more of an evolution than a flat out new device which might disappoint a few. However what we do get are class leading specifications and a device which ticks all the specification requirement checkboxes. So one year down the line, what exactly has changed ? Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 : What’s new ?”

LG Optimus G Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Photo Gallery

LG’s Optimus G Pro is a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Both the devices are very similar in terms of design. Both have rounded corners, large home button and 16:9 ratio 5.5″ touchscreens.

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HTC Butterfly vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The HTC Butterfly is one of the recent 1080p devices that have gone and touched the 5 inch form factor in size, and hence it raises a new question. Is it too big for a smartphone? or is it too small for a tablet? I can already sense a lot of gasps after that question, but truth be told, that category has been invented by none other than Samsung, with its original Galaxy Note, with a 5.3 inch screen. Samsung upped its “phablet” game with the Galaxy Note 2, with the 5.5 inch screen, making it the only device that kinda bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet. Some manufacturers have followed suit, like Huawei, with its Ascend Mate, but with HTC releasing the Butterfly with a 5 inch screen, does it enter the phablet game? And what other differences arise between the Galaxy Note 2 and the Butterfly considering that they are the two of the three costliest devices in the market? Watch our in-depth video comparison to find out –


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Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One X

We’ve been doing the Nokia Lumia 920 vs the flagships series, and you could have seen the Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 comparison earlier. This time, it’s the Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC One X. The HTC One X launched at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and was heralded as one of the most beautifully designed smartphones ever, while the Nokia Lumia 920, known for its own design too, was launched recently at Nokia World on the 5th of September. Both these devices share several traits and vie for the consumer’s wallets being placed in the same price bracket. So, which will come out on top? Lets see in the in depth comparison video below –


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Nokia Lumia 820 vs HTC Windows Phone 8S

What happens when you happen to have two of the hottest new mid range Windows Phone devices on hand ? You pit them  against each other to find out which one comes on top ! That’s what we’ve done here with the Nokia Lumia 820 and the HTC Windows Phone 8S. Having a tough time deciding which one to go for ? Read on ahead to make a more informed decision.  Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 820 vs HTC Windows Phone 8S”

Nokia Lumia 920 vs the flagships – a feature

Just days after the Nokia Lumia 920 won the Ultimate Smartphone flagship title, we decided that it is time we directly pitch it against other flagships with in depth video coverage. Not only that, the Nokia Lumia 920 just launched here in India, so it is more of a need that we compare it with other devices, mostly current flagships and see if it’s worth it, right? Lets get started then.

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